Bites / Rash from “invisible” bugs?

Bites Rash from Invisible Bugs Information Bites Rash from Invisible Bugs Information

A part of your body gets itchy and when you look at it you see a rash.You think you have been bitten but you don’t know what it is. Is there a bug in your office or at home?

Although some insects do bite us, itches, red spots and bumps are more often associated with environmental and physiological factors. Pest controllers are often called in to premises because customers are being “bitten”, yet no bugs can be found.

There are many other factors leading to skin conditions, including allergies, medical conditions, scabies, static electricity, etc.

Can you identify the origin of any of these skin conditions?

1) ?



2)  ?



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6) ?



To get help identify your mystery bug bites check your our full article:

> Identifying bug bites with Owl Pest Control - Click here <

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