Professionals: How to end spillages

Professionals: How to end spillages of Ficam, Permost and other dusts !

Do you ever spill Ficam, Permost and other dusts when trying to refill your handheld duster?

If yes, this is for you:

First, there is nothing wrong with you and indeed, it is NOT possible to transfer properly dust from a plastic bag (inside a tub) to a small handheld duster with a scoop, spoon, or any other device. 

If you are working outdoors and there is a draft, you are also at risk of inhaling the spilled dust. It would be so much easier if our manufacturers were using easy-pour packaging as they do in the U.S.:


So here is our solution: Make an easy pouring and durable lid that you will use from tub to tub:


Step 1: Buy a large "compression fitting", e.g. go to B&Q in the plumbing section (approx. €5), a jubilee clip size 25-40mm (or a cable clip), and a wide bicycle tyre (e.g. for mountain bike)


Step 2: Reinforce your lid by gluing a second layer of plastic cut out of an old tub lid or base


Step 3: Cut a circular hole 35mm diameter in one corner (slightly bigger that the tread part of the compression fitting)


Step 4: Fasten the compression fitting using a plier on each side

Step 5: Cut a piece of wide bicycle tube (the size of your hand), fit it over the tread of the compression fitting and secure it with a jubilee clip (size 25-40mm) or with a cable tie . To keep the bicycle tube closed in your van you can roll it once or twice and secure it with a large paper peg (see picture)


Step 6: Your lid is ready! Fit it on top of a new tub of dust and pour the dust directly into your favourite handheld duster (e.g. perfect for Eatons, B&G, Centro-bulb, etc.)



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