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Yesterday the first Certified Agrilaser Autonomic Installer course was held at Owl Pest Control head office in Dublin under the direction of Dan England from PestFix.

The 1-day course trains and qualify to survey, specify, install and maintain Agrilaser Autonomic bird dispersal laser systems. We now have our first group of Certified Agrilaser Installers in Ireland!

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For convenience, stock of Agrilaser products i.e. Autonomic and handheld systems are also being kept in Ireland at Owl trade counter.

What is Agrilaser Autonomic?

Agrilaser Autonimic is an automated bird dispersal laser system. It is a solution for industrial & commercial roofs, orchards, playing fields, stadiums, golf courses, etc.   Agrilaser Autonomic training ireland 3


Key features:

  • Environmentally friendly and harmless to birds
  • Suitable for repelling most species of birds
  • 1 unit protects up to 12 square kilometers
  • Fast and Long Lasting Results
  • Easy to use in any location
  • Multiple power options: Mains, Battery or Solar
  • All movements are programmed to enable 24 hour protection of multiple areas
  • Developed in co-operation with farmers and research groups for maximum effect
  • Maintenance free operation 24/7 coverage

Agrilaser in Action

This product is for Professional use only. Please contact us for pricing and installers in your area.



Following audits on Health & Safety Management System on our sites and customer sites by the Alcumus Group, Owl Pest Control has now been accredited SafeContractor. As the leading health and safety assessment scheme, SafeContractor has over 300 major clients and nearly 27,000 contractor members.

How do you benefit from the SafeContractor scheme?

Many large organisations use SafeContractor to reduce risk and to maintain their existing contractor and service provider base, whilst also be provided with a selection of new, pre-approved contractors. Benefits include:


  • Reduced risk in organisations, ensuring that contractors have suitable and sufficient health and safety processes.
  • Cost-effectively managing contractor lists, relieving of the costly administrative burden of doing this internally.
  • Offering a flexible service, tailor-made to meet business requirements, including over 400 different contractor work activities.
  • Meeting the legal health and safety requirements and providing the supporting evidence.
  • Providing visibility of current contractors via the online client portal, which also recommends new, approved contractors.


Food retail giant, Weetabix, are just one organisation who chose SafeContractor to improve their contractor management. Watch the Weetabix video below​:


Owl Pest Control is now an accredited contractor for Bilfinger Ireland!

Bilfinger Ireland accreditation report

Following a strenuous process Owl has finally become an approved pest control contractor for Bilfinger.

Bilfinger's Code of Conduct for Subcontractors and Suppliers

Bilfinger SE and its group companies (Bilfinger) are bound by the principles of ethical behaviour, integrity and compliance. Adherence to the Code of Conduct
 and the Compliance Guidelines of Bilfinger as well  as the  principles of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative (Global Compact Initiative) is mandatory for all Bilfinger employees.

Also from its subcontractors and suppliers, Bilfinger expects integrity and ethical, law-abiding behaviour in line with the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards set out below.

Counteracting Corruption

Subcontractors and suppliers actively and consistently counteract criminal or unethical influence on decisions taken by Bilfinger or other companies and institutions and fight corruptibility within their own companies.  

Counteracting Bid Rigging

Subcontractors and suppliers do not participate in anti-competitive bid rigging and take action against illegal cartels. Counteracting Illegal Employment Subcontractors  and suppliers  comply  with  the  applicable  legal  requirements  and  effectively eliminate illegal employment.

Respect for the Fundamental Rights of Employees

Subcontractors and suppliers respect the health, safety and personal rights of their employees and adhere to the principles of respect, fairness and non-discrimination. They employ and remunerate their employees on the basis of fair and compliant contracts. They maintain international minimum labour standards.

Respect for the Environment

Subcontractors and suppliers observe relevant legal  environmental standards and minimise environmental pollution. Bilfinger requests from its subcontractors and suppliers that they require their own subcontractors and suppliers also to comply with the principles of the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards of this Code of Conduct for Subcontractors and Suppliers (Flow Down).


If you are interested in a Pest Control CPD (Continuous Professional Development) scheme, you can register online here

Owl Technicians - Get ready for our new online pest control training!

As your days are too busy and it is not practical to take time off for training we have come up with this new initiative...

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