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Buy Mice & Rat Poison for your Home

We stock rodenticides for Rats & Mice. The products below can be used indoors and outdoors:

Mouse & Rat Killer - Pasta Bait - 400g


  • Rat and mouse killer pasta bait
  • Attracts mice and rats with a rich aroma in a pasta bait specially formulated
  • This new formulation enables the infestation to be controlled more quickly than with traditional baits (e.g. whole wheat bait)
  • There are 24 bait packs in the tub, which should be sufficient to control most home infestations
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Rich aroma attracts mice and rats
  • Contains Difenacoum

Cost: €8.45+VAT23%


Mouse & Rat Killer - Block Bait - Pack of 12


  • These Mice & Rats Bait Blocks are a long lasting and palatable
  • They can be used to control rats or mice in the home and garden
  • The wax blocks are weatherproof, making them suitable for use in damp or dry conditions
  • These can be secured in our Rodent Bait Stations using the stainless steel roads provided
  • Contains Bromadiolone

1 Pack of 12 Cost: €8.10+VAT23%


Mouse & Rat Killer - Block Bait - Pack of 24

Mouse Rat Killer Block Bait x24

1 Pack of 24 Cost: €14.25+VAT23%

Select Pack Quantity:


Safe use of Rodenticides - Recommendations

1) Read the label carefully

If you intend to use pesticides of any description you must make sure that they are kept, used and disposed of strictly in accordance with their label instructions.

2) Placing the bait

Apply bait in locations out of reach of children, pests, domestic animals and non-target wildlife. If you cannot find suitable cover to protect baits, you should use bait boxes for safety:

eco02b   mouse-bait-box

3) Hoarding of bait

Remember that rats may remove baits which can be carried and hoard them, or drop them where children or non target animals can gain access to them, so secure any sachets or wax blocks at the placement site.

4) Removal of dead rodents

Dead rodents should be disposed of safely by following the label advice. This will reduce the risk of secondary poisoning of other species.

5) Bait Disposal & Storage

After treatment it is your duty to ensure that all remains of bait and containers are removed from the site and disposed of according to the label instructions.

Keep rodenticides in their original container, out of reach of children, pets, non-target animals and wildlife.

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