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Keep cats off your garden or property - General advice

In order to discourage cats from getting into your garden you will need to make the areas as unnatractive as possible. This includes:

  • Eliminate potential harbourage such as junk piles, overgrown bushes, opening under sheds and other shelter opportunity
  • Prevent access to buildings by sealing openings to the structure (e.g. use chicken wire for air vents in underground car parks)
  • For house gardens, consider improving the fencing, e.g. block access through iron side gate and add fencing above surrounding walls

owl-pest-control-cat-fencing-above-wallCat fencing above wall

  • Remove all access to food sources such as compost bin, opened wheelie bins, or dishes of dog food left out all day. 


Cat Prickle Strips Spikes  Deterrent

You can prevent cats from leaping over your walls / fences by fitting cat prickle strips. These devices are easy to fit using high-tac adhesive or screws. Highly uncomfortable but unlikely to cause injury. They are also a good repellent for amateur intruders! 

 cat-spikes-prikka-prickle-strip-1  cat spikes prikka prickle strip deterrent 4


Cat Prikka Strips


  • Effective against Cats, Foxes and Humans
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Made from weather resistant polypropylene
  • Size: 500mm x 45mm x 20mm strips

How to Fit Cat Prickle Strips?

Before fitting the spikes they should be trimmed to the correct size using a suitable saw. Curves and bends can be formed by immersing in very hot water to soften the plastic. They can also be bent or cut easily along the groves under the base.

Screwing (preferable method)

Cat Prickle Strips can be sccrewed using the holes provided (12 holes per strip). More holes can be drilled if necessary. Screwing is ideal for wood fences:

cat spikes prikka prickle strip deterrent 2

Gluing (not the best option)

You must ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt and dust.The base of the strip must also be made rough by using abrasive sand-paper to provide a better bond.

Many glues and adhesives will not adhere to the polypropylene material used in these prickle strips. As a general rule, exterior quality butyl and solvent based adhesives should provide a reasonable bond.

Silicone, bitumen, acrylic and water soluble "nail adhesives" will not bond polypropylene and are not recommended!

Advice: If you need to drill holes to fit the prikka strips (e.g. bricks or concrete), it is recommended to fit a wooden batten first and then screwing the strips onto it. This will reduce the number of holes that need to be drilled!


 Cost: €2.45+VAT per strip

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