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Enquire now about our price lists and great trade discounts for pest control products and equipment. Call 014523680 (ext. 2) or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you a pest controller looking to buy equipment in Ireland? We order weekly from the best manufacturers and distributors in Europe, saving you on transport costs.

We stock a range of over 500 pest control equipment and products at trade prices. We also bring in any one-off items (e.g. expensive sprayers, bulky equipment, etc.) at wholesaler catalogue price withing 2 to 3 working days. Our range includes:

  • Electric Fly Killer Units - Glueboards EFKs, Zapper EFKs, Discreet Units
  • All Fly Killer replacement Glue Boards, Lamps, starters, EFK tubes standard or shatterproof
  • Galvanised Rodent Bait Stations Irish-made, with quarter-turn metal locks and keys
  • Compact PVC budget rodent bait stations with wall brackets
  • Mice Bait Boxes (SX) and mice and rat spring traps
  • The "Ratflap" drain non return valves stainless steel 
  • Professional Rodenticides. - Contrac All Weather Blox, Lodi Raco Force Paste, Neosorexa Pasta, Racumin Foam, Roban Cut Wheat, Roban Gold 2.5Kg, Roban Gold 10Kg, Roban Oktablok II, Rodex Wax Blocks, Sorexa Gel, Vertox Pasta Bait, Vertox Weatherproof Wax Blocks, etc.
  • Professional Insecticides & Biocides - Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, Agrocypa, Alphamost Plus Z-9, Alphamost Supa 6, Biopren BMS, Cimetrol, Coopex Smoke Generators, Dia-Secticide, Diatomaceous Earth, Contact Dust, Fendona, Ficam D, Ficam W, Fluorescent Tracking Dust, Fly and Wasp Killer, Goliath Gel, Insect Powder, Maxforce Quantum, Mostyn DTP 15 ULV, Nippon Ant Gel, Permost Dust, Prevent Auto, Pybuthrin 33, PX-Ornikill, QuickBayt, Killgerm Rodent Deodorant, Stingray ME, SX Mini Smoke Generators, SX Pro Flying & Crawling Insect Killer, SX Pro Single Shot Fly & Wasp Killer Spray, SX Pro Wasp Killer Foam, SX Supa Smoke Generators, etc.
  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, Bird nets, Bird netting equipment, Prikka Strips
  • Live Rat Cages, Mink Cages, Bird Cages, Cat Cages, Fox Cages, Squirrel Cages. 
  • Pheromone Insect Monitors, Moth Pots, Moth Lures, Bedbug Monitors, Flea Traps, Wasp Traps and Attractant
  • Inspection Torches and batteries.
  • Protective Equipment - Nitrile Gloves, Un-powdered Disposable Rubber Gloves, Dust Masks, Disposable Coveralls, Hand Gel.
  • Proofing Equipment - Galvanised Mesh, Expanding Foam, Fast Set Concrete, Xcluder Stainless Steel Wirewool, door bristle strips
  • Professional Pest Control Equipment - B&G Stainless Steel Sprayers, Mesto Sprayers, Gloria Sprayers, DR5 Dust Applicator, Dustmaster, Dustick, Gel Bait Guns, B&G 2600 Fogger,  Beekeeper Suits, Beekeeper Jackets
  • Aerosol Dispensers - Refil Air Freshener Bottles mixed Flagrances


Contact us for more advice and professional pest control equipment & products supplies in Ireland.

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Fast next day* delivery Ireland and Northern Ireland (for stocked items) €4.50 +VAT.

We only deliver to Ireland and United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).







Check our Full Catalogue in PDF:

Owl Pest Control Products Supplies Ireland catalogue 2019

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Professional insecticides and rodenticides are for qualified pest control trade only. We are unable to supply members of the public with restricted rodenticides & insecticides. Training Diploma, Trade Association membership, etc. must be provided.

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  • I have been using owl pest control for the past 8 months. From the moment I walked in to the building I had 100pc confidence in their ability. What was amazing was the amount of time they spent with me ensuring that I only purchase the right product. Excellent advise from all the lads with thorough
  • From the first phone call, to standing at the counter, they are ultra friendly and helpful. Great products and sound advice on the sea gull spikes. We dealt with Andrew. Highly recommended.
  • These guys are amazing! Mark in particular. Highly recommended
  • We have been using OWL pest control throughout our pub group for some time now. They are one of the more proficient organisations that we come in contact with in our line of work. Highly recommended for companies in the hospitality sector throughout. Recently called late at night with an issue, wit
  • I work in a property management company for the last seven years and have worked with a number of pest control companies. Owl Pest Control are by far the most superior company to deal with. Their staff are well trained and pleasant to deal with. Their Reports are very clear. I am delighted to hav


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