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Our Expertise in Rodenticides

We supply a wide range of professional rodenticides from the Pelgar and Lodi range. With over 20 years of field experience we have been able to identify the most palatable and best value products avalable on the market.

Our rodenticide selection is made of the Second Generation anti-anticoagulant Brodifacoum, Difenacoum and Bromadiolone, for which there are no record of resistence in Ireland at present.

We keep records of all products registration (PCS numbers), labels changes, and the latest Safety Data Sheets are available for download directly from our website.

Who Can Buy From Us?

Our rodenticides are suitable for pest controllers, farmers, park managers, game keepers, golf courses, pig farms, studs, flour mills, stables, barns, orchards, fruit & veg. wholsalers, etc. 

We can only sell professional rodenticides to Professionals (e.g. farmers) and TRAINED professionals (e.g. Pest Controllers).  We are unable to supply members of the public with restricted rodenticides & insecticides.

Herd number or PMU number must be provided when ordering from us.think wildLife logo

If you are using rodenticides professionaly on a regular basis and do not hold formal qualifications yet, we strongly advise you to join a pest control course so you can learn how to use these products in a safe manner, minimising risks to members of the public, wildlife, and other non-target species. For more information Click Here.

If you are not qualified and would like to check our rodenticides for amateur use, please Click Here.


Which Rodenticides are more Palatable to Rodents?

Although every infestation differs, rats and mice usually prefer pasta-based rodenticides, as they are easy to consume and made of mulched cereals and peanut butter oils. Their second choice is cut-wheat, followed by whole wheat. Finally, they will eat extruded block bait and wax block bait.

What is the most potent poison for rats and mice?

The most efficient second generation anticoagulant rodent poison is Brodifacoum, which is approximately 5 times more potent than Bromadiolone and Difenacoum. It is generally restricted to indoor use to minimise the risks of secondary poisoning of non-target species. The tables below illustrate the potency of each active ingredient, as well as the risks to non-target species:

rodenticide LD50 rat mice  rodenticide LD50 non target


Selection of our Most Popular Professional Rodenticides

Rodenticide Description - Contact us for trade catalogue & Orders
roban cut wheat mice & rat bait

Roban Cut Wheat Bait:

20Kg. bag (Difenacoum 0.005%). Indoor & Outdoor Use. Highly palatable.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 per bag or €54.00 for a pallet.

roban wax block rat mice poison bait

 Roban Oktablok II:

Cast Block. 8Kg tub (Difenacoum 0.005%). Indoor & Outdoor Use. Each block weight 20g.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 2 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.

rodex excel block bait rat mice poison bait

  Rodex Excel:

Extruded Block. 8Kg. tub (Bromadiolone 0.005%). Indoor & Outdoor Use. Each block weight 20g.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 2 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.

 vertox weatherproof block bait rat mice poison

  Vertox Oktablok II:

Cast Block 10Kg. (Brodifacoum 0.005%). Indoor Use + around buildings. Each block weight 20g.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 2 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.

 sapphire paste s

  Sapphire Paste:

Pasta bait 5Kg. tub (Brodifacoum 0.004%). Indoor use only. Each sachet weight 10g. Mulched cereals and peanut butter oils.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 4 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.

 Roban Gold Non Toxic Wax Monitoring Blocks for Rats & Mice 10Kg

  Roban Gold 10:

Non Toxic Wax Monitoring Blocks for Rats & Mice 10Kg. tub.

Use for monitoring rodent activity indoors, outdoors and in sewers. 20g. wax blocks made with chopped wheat, cereals, proteins and chocolate aroma bound together with damp resistent waxes. Roban Gold rodent blocks are highly tolerant to humidity and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 2 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.

 Roban Gold Non Toxic Wax Monitoring Blocks for Rats & Mice 2.5Kg  

  Roban Gold 2.5:

Same as above but in a 2.5Kg. tub.

Delivery Ireland €4.50 for up to 8 tubs or €54.00 for a pallet.


 Safe use of Rodenticides - Recommendations

1) Read the label carefully

If you intend to use pesticides of any description you must make sure that they are kept, used and disposed of strictly in accordance with their label instructions.

2) Placing the bait

Place bait in locations out of reach of children, pests, domestic animals and non-target wildlife. If you cannot find suitable cover to protect baits, you should use bait boxes for safety:

eco02b  mouse-bait-box

3) Hoarding of bait

Remember that rats may remove baits which can be carried and hoard them, or drop them where children or non target animals can gain access to them, so secure any sachets or wax blocks at the placement site.

4) Removal of dead rodents

Dead rodents should be disposed of safely by following the label advice. This will reduce the risk of secondary poisoning of other species.

5) Bait Disposal & Storage

After treatment it is your duty to ensure that all remains of bait and containers are removed from the site and disposed of according to the label instructions. Keep rodenticides in their original container, out of reach of children, pets, non-target animals and wildlife.

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Fast next day* delivery Ireland and Northern Ireland (for stocked items) €4.50 +VAT.

We only deliver to Ireland and United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).







Check our Full Catalogue in PDF:

Owl Pest Control Products Supplies Ireland catalogue 2019

(*) Check our Terms & Conditions Here

Professional insecticides and rodenticides are for qualified pest control trade only. We are unable to supply members of the public with restricted rodenticides & insecticides. Training Diploma, Trade Association membership, etc. must be provided.

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