Rat Spring Traps

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Professional Rat Snap Traps Sales - The Most Efficient Design Worldwide


professional rat spring traps

Using rat spring traps every for over 19 years, we recommend this particular model ("T-rex" type) as the most effective trap available on the market. This is due to the combination of strong springs, interlocking teeth, quarter-turn only rotation (high speed), and sensitive trigger plate. We directly import and supply over 30 Irish pest control companies with this highly effective rat trap model.

Our professional rat traps kill rats quickly and effectively. They also have the advantage to kill rats in locations where they can be easily removed and disposed of, hence reducing chances of bad smells if dying under floor boards for instance.

Rat spring traps are ideal for immediate control of live rats in sensitive areas such as restaurants, kitchens, food production rooms, farms, barns, attics, under floors, etc. Unlike rat poison they do not require time for the active substance to take effect (3 to 5 days with anticoagulant rodenticides).

It is advised to place the rat traps facing and touching walls, since rats primarily move along walls. Using plenty of rat traps will also control the infestation quicker.

Trap Sensitivity and Strength

As you can notice on the picture below (attic space), our rat traps are very sensitive as mice can also trigger them:



Our rat spring traps also feature very strong locking springs which will close the trap instantly upon activation and also kill the largest rats immediately:

 professional rat trap kill huge rat (Dublin)  professional rat trap - catch big rat

WARNING: Rat snap traps have strong springs. Keep them out of reach of your pets and young children.

Rat Spring Trap features:

TIP: We recommend using peanut butter as bait for the snap traps.

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Long term rat prevention: If you suspect rats are coming from the sewer under your house, consider fitting a Ratflap Sewer non-return valve to your drains pipes: CLICK HERE.

Rat Spring Traps at work - A fast and humane kill every time (Dublin):

rat killed on spring trap (dublin 2015)  rat killed on spring trap (dublin 2015 July)  rat killed on spring trap (dublin 2015 October)

rat caught in trap  rat caught in trap 2