Mice & Rat Products

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Rat & Mice Control - Professional Products Sales

What Products can be purchased to get rid of Rats and Mice?

We provide a variety of products to control mice and rat infestations.

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heavy duty rat mice metal galvanised box station ireland Heavy Duty Outdoor Galvanised Metal Rat & Mice Bait Stations - A safe and locked box (metal or plastic) designed to hold mice and rat poison (rodenticide)
pvc plastic secure rat mice box station ireland Outdoor Compact PVC Plastic Rat & Mice Bait Stations - Sturdy and safe design with 2 locks, a key, and a wall bracket to hold the box in place.
pvc plastic secure mouse box station ireland Indoor Mice Bait Boxes - Smaller size than Bait Stations and less conspicuous. Locked with a key for safety. Excellent value for money packs.
professional strong rat spring snap traps ireland Rat Traps - Professional strong spring traps designed to kill rats instantly. Quantity discounts available.
professional strong mice mouse spring snap traps ireland Mouse Traps. Fast-release professional traps designed to provide a fast and clean kill. Quantity discounts.
ratflap rat blocker drain stopper stainless steel ireland Ratflap - Rat blocker for sewer drains. Prevents rats from getting access to your property via sewer pipes. Simply slips into place. Simpler solution than getting drain pipes repaired. High grade stainless steel.
Vertox 25 Blocks 2018 amateur use rat mice poison rodenticide ireland s Rodenticides - Rat and Mice poison to eradicate the entire colony.
humane rat mouse trap cage Humane (no kill) live catch-and-release Mouse traps and Rat Cages (soon available online -  please call us).