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Hazardous Waste Disposal – Rodenticides – Insecticides


As you may be aware, we are offering a completely Free EFK Tubes and small batteries Recycling  Service for a number of years. Just call in during our opening hours.

Following enquiries from small operators and after consulting with the DAFM-PRCD, we are now starting  a collection scheme for spent rodenticide and insecticide, using our own EPA licensed facility for hazardous waste disposal.

In order to recover some of the running costs of the operation, we will charge €3.00/Kg of pesticide waste (+VAT13.5%). A receipt / certificate of transfer of control will be issued upon receipt of the waste.

Please Note:

  • We only collect Rodenticides and Insecticides
  • Insecticides must be kept in their original container.
  • Spilled liquids insecticides or contaminated materials cannot be accepted
  • Rodenticides must be segregated in clear plastic bags (can be purchased in Lidl or Aldi).
  • Only 1 Rodenticide Brand can be put in each bag, so we can accurately weight and give a detailed receipt for PRCD inspections