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Choosing Suitable Bird Spikes?

Narrow Pigeon spikes p14 Diagram - Owl Pest Control Dublin
Poor Quality Bird spikes - Owl Pest Control Dublin
bird-spikes-poor-quality-2-Owl Pest Control Ireland
Poor Quality Bird spikes. - Owl Pest Control Dublin

Ready to undertake some pigeon or gull proofing work? Make sure you do not buy the wrong bird spikes. There is very little difference in price between good quality bird spikes and spikes that will let you down almost immediately, as illustrated in the pictures.

Our Bird Spikes:

We distribute Network Avipoint, the best manufactured Stainless Steel Bird Spikes in Europe, with 5 different sizes to suit different birds and every situation where spikes are appropriate, e.g. ledges, roofs, pipes, chimneys.

Stainless steel spikes are the best professional choice due to their discreet appearance once installed. They are the longest-lasting bird spikes and do not discolour, bend or crack over time, something that full plastic spikes are prone to do.


  • Our bird spikes are stackable in strips of 33cm, which means you can easily carry them up a ladder.
  • These bird spikes also feature “rivet” holes for additional fastening when installing the adhesive or when using screws. This is the only brand on the market featuring this.
  • Fitting spikes for over 20 years we have never found other stainless spikes with so many rivet holes per strip, which keeps them secured to the support for many years as illustrated on the picture below:
Our Bird Spikes still in place after nearly 20 years - Owl Pest Control Dublin
Rathmines library – Our Bird Spikes still in place after nearly 20 years
  • The spikes base is also designed with grooves to allow for easy shortening of a strip without having to use a hacksaw.



Are Spikes Safe for Birds?

Our bird spikes are designed to provide effective and humane control of problem birds. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to big or small birds without hurting them, including seagulls, feral pigeons, swallows, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, and house martins.

Bird spikes can be used to protect buildings against birds in a wide variety of situations, from day time perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest pipes to the widest of building ledges. There are 5 bird spikes in the range: P14 – P20 – P32, G20, and SS240 (the number refers to the number of spikes on each strip).

Pigeon & Gull Activity:Day-time perching, night-time roosting and some nesting areas.
Infestation:From light to heavily pigeon & gull infested areas.
Where to Use:From the narrowest of pipes to the widest building ledges.
Spike Strip Length:33cm (except SS240 which is 62cm)
Spike Wires:Heavy-duty 1.4mm, 302 grade stainless steel.
Tips of the wires:Cut flat to prevent injury to the birds and installers.
Bird Spike Base:UV light protected polycarbonate.
Packaging:Pigeon & Gull spikes packaged in 5m packs but can be purchased per metre
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Positioning Pigeon and Seagull bird spikes

It is recommended to press the bird strips firmly into place, overhanging the edge of the treated ledge by 5mm. If you fit several rows of bird spikes, allow a maximum of 65mm between each row or 50mm if there is a heavy bird pressure.

Need advice to install Pigeon & Gull Spikes?

Bird Spikes installation diagram - Owl Pest Control Dublin
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Swallows & House Martins Anti-nest devices

To prevent house martins and swallows building nests under the eaves and soffits of your roof, the best option is to use NestDivert:

  • The design works with all roof types (horizontal or slanted) and can also be positioned behind down pipes.
  • It is very discreet, almost impossible to notice
  • 2 strips of 264mm manufactured from acrylic
  • Weatherproof and doesn’t turn yellow in the sunlight like poly-carbonate
  • Install in seconds and lasts for many years

There are 2 types available: the “Flat NestDivert” for the apex or wall junctions of the roof and “Angled NestDivert” for all other sections:

house-martin-swallows-nest-deterrent-Installation-Guide-Owl Pest Control Ireland
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