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1) Vertox25 Mice & Rat Poison – 300g. tub

  • New safer rodenticide: complies with new EU legislation on rodenticide safety (IE/BPA number: 70507).
  • Ideal for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings.
  • Strong, single feed kill with a highly palatable all-weather block bait. Contains Brodifacoum 0.0025% w/w.
  • Each tub contains 15x bait blocks of 20g.
  • Each 20g block has a central hole in order to fix inside a bait station, keeping the bait away from children and non-target animals.
  • How much poison is required to get rid of mice and rats? Small and large mouse infestation: 1 tub. Small rat infestation: 1 tub. Large rat infestation: 2-3 tubs of Vertox 25.

**Republic of Ireland Shipping Only for all Rodenticides**


2) Rodex25 Whole Wheat Rat Poison – 150g. Sachets

  • New safer rodenticide: complies with new EU legislation on rodenticide safety (IE/BPA number: 705xx).
  • Contains: Bromadiolone 0.0025% w/w & denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w (bitter taste to prevent children and pets from swallowing it)
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use across a wide range of premises, and especially where they have been previously feeding on seed or grain based foods
  • Highly palatable “chocolate” aroma with sugars to encourage repeat feeding
  • Quantities required: Small rat infestation: 3-4 sachets. Large infestation: 5-10 sachets
  • Each sachet can be placed directly inside a bait station, keeping the bait away from children and non-target animals.

For further information check the product label:

Rodex25 Label IR-UK 2020

**Republic of Ireland Shipping Only for all Rodenticides**

3) Mice Bait Boxes

In accordance with new label instructions, all bait must be placed in temper resistant bait boxes, in order to minimise the risks of spillage or accidental access.

Mice are very inquisitive and prefer to feed a little from many areas rather than a lot from one particular feeding location. We offer a convenient packs of 5x or 10x Mouse Bait boxes (with one Key) wich is ideal for placing the bait and distribute around infested areas.

Plastic Mouse Boxes - Owl pest control Dublin

4) Rat (and Mice) Bait Stations

Unlike mice, rats are neophobic (fear of new objects) and prefer to feed from known and familiar locations. This is why we recommend:

    1. Use less poison baiting points than for mice, but strategically placed near runs or harbourage areas
    2. Be prepared to wait: rats may overcome their fear of the new poison / bait station only after a week or even more
    3. Avoid disturbing their environment while treating the infestation: no cleaning, clearing of junk, etc., until eradication is achieved.
    4. Only re-bait (generously) the stations once a week, as rats will only overfeed or carry the bait away
    5. Inspect the treated area regularly and remove any dead rodent, to avoid risks of secondary poisoning of non-target predators

Safe use of Rodenticides and Poison – Recommendations

1) Read the label carefully

If you intend to use pesticides of any description you must make sure that they are kept, used and disposed of strictly in accordance with their label instructions.

2) Placing the bait

Apply bait in locations out of reach of children, pests, domestic animals and non-target wildlife. If you cannot find suitable cover to protect baits, you should use bait boxes for safety: CLICK ON PICTURES FOR MORE DETAILS

3) Hoarding of bait

Remember that rats may remove baits which can be carried and hoard them, or drop them where children or non target animals can gain access to them, so secure any sachets or wax blocks at the placement site.

4) Removal of dead rodents

Dead rodents should be disposed of safely by following the label advice. This will reduce the risk of secondary poisoning of other species.

5) Bait Disposal & Storage

After treatment it is your duty to ensure that all remains of bait and containers are removed from the site and disposed of according to the label instructions.

Keep rodenticides in their original container, out of reach of children, pets, non-target animals and wildlife.

(*) Check our Terms & Conditions Here

External Bait box for Rodenticide - Owl pest control Dublin
Mouse Plastic Indoor Bait Boxes - Mice Bait Boxes Owl pest control Dublin


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