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Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella)


Clothes Moths are a cream colour, about 3/8-inch. Larvae often leave strands of the silk they spin on fabrics.


Clothes moths live in clothing, carpets, fabrics and furs. They can fly but usually hide in dark corners or in the folds of fabric. The moths larvae are able to digest animal hairs and feed on any item made of natural fibres, particularly wool and cashmere.


While Clothes Moths are not dangerous, but they can cause extensive damage to clothing and other fabrics.

Clothes Moths Prevention

  • Zipped plastic storage covers are a better alternative to cardboard boxes for storing woollen or natural fibre clothes.
  • If using boxes, they should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand and carefully sealed with tape afterwards.
  • Mothballs leave a strong odour but will help deter fabric pests.

It is not easy to identify and treat the source(s) of a Clothes Moths infestation without appropriate equipment, knowledge and experience. Owl Pest Control has expertise in the control of Clothes Moths.

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DIY Clothes Moths Treatments - Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Click on the links below for more details or to buy DIY clothes moths killing products online

Liquid Residual Insecticide
Protector C for clothes moths control
Use for treating the breeding sites (carpet fibers)

Natural Dust Insecticide
Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth
Dry Surfaces Only

Smoke Generators
Insect Fumers against clothes moths
Ideal for reaching adults on ceilings


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