Fruit Flies

Fruit Fly.
Fruit Fly.
Fruit Fly.

Fruit Flies (Drosophila spp)


Adults Fruit flies are about 1/8 of an inch long, have red eyes and a tan coloured thorax. The fruit fly abdomen is black on top, gray underneath.


Fruit flies feed on decaying matter, most commonly fruit and vegetables. They are small flying pests that are commonly found in homes, restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, and other facilities where food is processed. Fruit Flies are found on moist, decaying matter that has been stationary for several days.


Fruit flies are found in unsanitary conditions, so they are potentially a health concern, especially if present in health facilities. Moreover, adult females can lay up to 25 eggs per day (to a max of 800 in their lifetime), and the complete life cycle can occur within 8 days under favourable conditions. Fruit fly infestations can quickly get out of hands if not dealt with immediately.

Fruit Flies Prevention

Fruit flies are best prevented through regular vigilant sanitation practices.
Remove kitchen trash daily, and keep counter surfaces clean at all times.
It is not easy to identify the source(s) of a Fruit Fly infestation without appropriate equipment, knowledge and experience. Owl Pest Control has expertise in the control of Fruit Flies and following a successful inspection/treatment, infestation should not reoccur.

Contact Owl Pest Control Dublin if you need help on how to get rid of fruit flies or to arrange a professional fruit fly treatment.

DIY Fruit Fly Treatments - Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Click on the links below for more details or to buy DIY fruit fly killing products online

Crawling Insect Killer Powder
Very long residuality for fruit fly control

Natural Dust Insecticide
Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth

Smoke Generators
Insect Fumers against adult fruit flies

Liquid Residual Insecticide
Protector C for fruit fly breeding sites control


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