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OWL Accredited Contractor for Bilfinger Ireland

approved-pest-control-contractor-bilfinger-Owl Pest Control Dublin

Owl Pest Control is now an Accredited Contractor for Bilfinger Ireland!

Following a strenuous process, Owl Pest Control has finally become an approved contractor for Bilfinger / Apleona Ireland / HSG Facility Management.

In addition, all Owl staff members undertake specific Health & Safety training required with Apleona partners: Human Focus. The training focus on all essential safety aspects at the workplace and customer premises:

  1. Coronavirus Safety
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Fire Safety In Industry
  4. Hazardous Substances In Industry
  5. Hearing Conservation In Industry
  6. Health And Safety In Industry
  7. Manual Handling In Industry
  8. PPE Safety in Industry
  9. Slips, Trips and Falls in Industry
  10. Working At Height
  11. Electrical Safety Principles For Maintenance Work

Accredited Contractor Apleona HSG Facility Management Ireland Logo

Bilfinger’s Code of Conduct for Subcontractors and Suppliers

Bilfinger SE and its group companies (Bilfinger) are bound by the principles of ethical behaviour, integrity and compliance. Adherence to the Code of Conduct
and the Compliance Guidelines of Bilfinger as well  as the  principles of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative (Global Compact Initiative) is mandatory for all Bilfinger employees.

Also from its subcontractors and suppliers, Bilfinger expects integrity and ethical, law-abiding behaviour in line with the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards set out below.

Counteracting Corruption

Subcontractors and suppliers actively and consistently counteract criminal or unethical influence on decisions taken by Bilfinger or other companies and institutions and fight corruptibility within their own companies.

Counteracting Bid Rigging

Subcontractors and suppliers do not participate in anti-competitive bid rigging and take action against illegal cartels. Counteracting Illegal Employment Subcontractors  and suppliers  comply  with  the  applicable  legal  requirements  and  effectively eliminate illegal employment.

Respect for the Fundamental Rights of Employees

Subcontractors and suppliers respect the health, safety and personal rights of their employees and adhere to the principles of respect, fairness and non-discrimination. They employ and remunerate their employees on the basis of fair and compliant contracts. They maintain international minimum labour standards.

Respect for the Environment

Subcontractors and suppliers observe relevant legal  environmental standards and minimise environmental pollution. Bilfinger requests from its subcontractors and suppliers that they require their own subcontractors and suppliers also to comply with the principles of the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards of this Code of Conduct for Subcontractors and Suppliers (Flow Down).

Owl Pest Control takes concrete steps towards the preservation of environment and strictly abide to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


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