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Bird Deterrent Products

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Which are The Most Suitable Bird Deterrent Products?

Be Aware of Bird Protection Legislation in Ireland!

It can be stressful to have an issue with seagulls, pigeons or small birds landing on your building. They can quickly become a nuisance with the noise, droppings, or even the parasites (e.g. bird mites) they may carry on them.

Before using any bird deterrent products, you should be aware of the Irish legislation so you don’t get in trouble!

In Ireland, ALL bird species and their nests (if active) get full protection under the Wildlife Act 1976. This means that you will need a licence from the NWPS before taking any direct action against birds, including trapping them in live cages.

So no matter which approach you go for, always make sure that birds, chicks, eggs and active nests are not harmed by your actions!

Devices to Repel Birds

In most instances, the only viable option is to try to repel or exclude unwanted birds from buildings and monuments without harming them.

There are a number of bird deterrent products available which can help you achieve this:

Bird spikes fitted to a window ledge Owl Pest Control Ireland
Bird spikes fitted to a window ledge
Bird control net - Owl Pest Control Dublin
Bird control net

1) Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are one of the most efficient bird deterrent products on the market to repel pigeons, seagulls and swallows without harming them.

When using this option, be aware that birds will only be deterred from the treated ledges and may move to other nearby ledges.

We recommend using only high-quality stainless steel spikes with numerous perforations of the UV-treated base to allow proper bonding of the adhesive for many years.

2) Bird Netting

Bird nets are ideal to prevent access to large areas such as service yard surrounded by 4 walls or a flat roof. The erection of a discreet net allows to close bird access to a specific area.

The net is  almost invisible from a distance. Technicians attach the net to a framework of stainless steel or galvanised wires.

Bird netting is the ultimate solution in bird deterrent products, as they are impossible to penetrate.

Bird Netting Fitting - Owl Pest Control Dublin
Bird Netting Fitting

3) Visual Bird Scarers

There are many different types of visual scarers. The oldest in date is probably the traditional “Scarecrow“, used by farmers to dissuade birds from eating arable crops that have been recently planted. Now the range of bird deterrent products scarers includes TerrorEyes balloons, iridescent tape, hawk kites and lasers.

While visual scarers may work initially, very rapidly birds become familiar with them. If these devices are visible in open areas and birds can maintain visual contact with them from a distance, they will eventually completely ignore them.

4) Acoustic Bird Scarers

Noisy propane cannons are commonly used in rural areas but most standard acoustic scarers are electronic recordings of a distressed pest bird sound that are played randomly through the day.

These bird distress sounds aim to keep birds away from an area. As for the visual scarers, these types of bird deterrent products can be of limited efficiency over time, even if they are very sophisticated.

5) Other Physical Bird Deterrent Products

These are designed to make the birds feel uncomfortable in specific areas such as ledges, pipes, lamps, CCTV cameras.

They include bird spiders or “Daddy long legs”, Bird Wires, Bird Spring Coils. You can expect very good results with these devices.

Other Physical Bird Deterrents - Owl Pest Control Dublin
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