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Electric Fly Killer Tubes Glue Boards and Starters for Maintenance

Fly Killer Tubes – Glue boards – Starters – bulbs – Repairs – Glue Pads – UV lamps
Fluorescent lamps – Blacklight – BL365 – BL368 – BL350 – Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Quantum Bulbs

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Do you have an Electric Fly Killer and want to maintain or repair it? We provide shatterproof and non-shatterproof replacement lamps, Tubes Glue boards and Starters Packs for most fly killing machines available in Ireland.

Did you know than most of the time an Electric Fly Killer is not working it only needs tubes and starters changed? We can test your fly killer unit free-of-charge and fit new tubes and starters for you.

We only supply Philips, Sylvania, Quantum, Wemlite, Lynx or other major fly killer UV tube brands, as some other products can be unreliable.


  • Getting the correct UV Tube Code?
  • UV Tube Size and Shape?
  • Straight UV Tubes
  • Tightbend UV Tubes
  • Circular UV Tubes
  • Screw UV Tubes
  • Compact UV tubes 11watt
  • Compact UV tubes (other)
  • Spare Glueboards & Starters

What tube size fits my Electric Fly Killer?

The picture below illustrates and compares the different Fly Killer tube shapes and sizes (click on picture to enlarge)

What is the meaning of the code written on the Electric Fly Killer tubes?

Each manufacturer use its own UV lamp codes so do not hesitate to contact us with specific queries. For general reference, remember that most of the times the lamp code has a precise meaning and will include the following:

  • BL = Black Light = UV tubes
  • 368 = 368nm (nanometres) = frequency of radiation most attractive to insects (twice as efficient as old fly killer tubes with a 350nm radiation)
  • FL = Fluorescent Lamp.
  • F15 = Fluorescent Lamp, 15 Watt.
  • T5 = Tubular 5/8 inch diameter, T8 = Tubular 1 inch diameter, T12 = Tubular 1.5 inch diameter.
  • SP = Shatter proof = coated with clear plastic slieve for safety.
  • For instance the code F15T8/BL/368/18″/SP means “Fluorescent Tube 15 watt, 1 inch diameter, Blacklight, 368nm, 18 inch long, shatter resistant”.


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