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Controlling Rats & Mice

Our specialist will identify intruding rodents, provide the most effective solution to get rid of them, and design a programme to prevent them from coming back.

Pest Control Solutions for your Home & Business

Get Rid of Rat and Mice in Dublin


Mice and rats enter your home looking for food, water and harbourage. But they remain a threat to your health, your property, and will leave you distressed. Simple measures like rodent-proofing your home can help to protect you.

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Rodent Control Includes

Mice and Rats are responsible for:

Rat mice access through gnawed air vent - Owl pest control Dublin


Need advice on Rodent Control?

How we keep rats and mice out of your home...

rodents sewer smoke test - owl pest control

Fast Emergency Rodent Response Today

Why choosing Owl Pest Control for your rat and mice control?

Owl Pest Control emergency rodent control service is available same day most of the time, i.e. Monday to Saturday in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare counties. Our team of licensed and experienced specialists will inspect your property, assess and remediate rodent issues on-site, including housekeeping and proofing recommendations.


We will explain all costs involved in the removal of rats or mice from your home while we determine the entry points rodents are using.


We can help you proof your home structure so rodents can't get in causing stress damage and the mess from droppings and urine.


We will be back to eradicate and take away trapped or dead rodents and fix any further damage they may cause after our initial treatment.


We offer scheduled inspections programmes so that you don't have to worry about rodents ever again.

Facts About Rodents

Financial Losses

Rats and mice follow and attack and contaminate our food from fields, orchards, livestock facilities, all the way through transport, storage & processing, and finishing in restaurants, supermarkets, and our homes. They also spoil tons of food by contaminating it with their excrement, urine and fur.

rat-damage-to-water-pipe - Owl pest control Dublin

This pipe was taken from a flooded apartment

In buildings and homes rodents damage doors, ceilings, floors and walls as a result of their burrowing and gnawing activity. They also regularly chew on electrical wiring and utility pipes which have resulted in explosions, fires, indoor flooding, equipment loss, and power shortages.

Only two types are considered a major pest in Ireland: the Norway rat and the house mouse.

Health pests rodents

Mice and Rats have been responsible for the spread of many diseases to people and domestic animals, mainly due to their habits of leaving and travelling in sewers, garbage, etc. There are several rodent-transmitted diseases which cause concern such as leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), salmonellosis, plague, murine typhus, rat-bite fever, and hantaviruses which are now discussed widely in the context of coronavirus pandemic.

Some people also develop an allergic reaction to rat or house mice droppings, which can be responsible for asthma-related symptoms.

Rodent Biology & Reproduction

Rat vs Mice droppings size shape comparison with rice

Rat vs Mice droppings size comparison

Adult mice weight 15-30g and rats 250-500g. Mice are very inquisitive and walk around 200 metres per day. A single mouse can also produce 40 to 100 droppings per day so their presence can create a lot of problems very quickly.

Rodents are very successful breeders. Every three weeks a female mouse produces between 4 and 7 pups per litter (8-12 for rats) and will typically have a total of 8 litters in her lifetime (1 to 2 years). This means that rodent colonies can grow very rapidly.

Rodents consume most types of food. Rats eat 22-30g of food per day and mice 3 to 5g

Rodent control

Rat gnawed through metal can - Owl pest control Dublin

Rat teeth can chew through metal

Rodents are successful because of their ability to adapt quickly to any sort of environment. They are omnivorous and mostly active at night when they can’t be noticed by people. This makes them difficult to control.

Using rat and mice poison on its own is rarely enough. Effective control of rat or mice infestation requires an integrated approach in structural pest control operations involving inspections, sanitation, rodent-proofing, trapping and rodenticide programs to reduce their numbers quickly.

For the most effective solution call your local pest management expert.

Rodent Control

Qualified and Fully Licensed Pest Control Technicians

Owl Pest Control Dublin is a member of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association), BPCA (British Pest Control Association), IPCA (Irish Pest Control Association), and is actively taking part in the development of the Pest Control Industry in Ireland. Our Technical Staff are licensed by the Department of Agriculture & consist of Filed Biologists, Highly Qualified Pest Control Technicians, Senior technical staff with over 15 years professional experience & qualifications including Postgraduate Degrees; Cork University, RSPH, BPCA, IPCA, Kilgerm & HACCP diploma

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