Protector C Liquid Residual Insecticide

Most liquid insecticides are classed as “residual insecticides“: after drying they leave a film that will kill bugs and remain effective for some length of time, depending on the formulation, the condition of the surface (greasy, wet, etc.), and the type of surface (e.g. concrete, wood, soil, etc.).

Pyrethroid pesticides (permethrin, cypermethrin, allethrin, etc.) are highly toxic to insects but only of slight toxicity to mammals, and are hence a preferred choice for use around the house. Protector C can be used on mattresses and carpets.

  • Solvent-free, Long-lasting, odourless treatment
  • Water-based treatment for beds, mattresses and household furniture
  • Professional or domestic use

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Kill Insects on Contact and After Treatment with Liquid Residual Insecticide


Protector C – Residual Insecticide – Liquid Insect Spray – Professional Bug Spray

Why Use Protector C Insecticidal Surface & Space Spray?

If you buy liquid residual insecticide from us or Insect Powder Dust, you can check a short video on how to apply insecticides HERE
Protector C is a more environmentally friendly, water-based, ready to use liquid residual insecticide for professional and amateur use. It is one of the best insect killer products registered in Ireland.

  • Approved to use on mattresses, carpets & soft furnishings
  • No smell during and after use and non-flammable
  • Nanoemulsion formulation for strong effective kill.
  • Contains 0.09% cypermethrin for a long-lasting residual kill effect for up to 3 months.
  • Kills and deters many types of flying and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, beetles, bed bugs, fleas, flies, moths, silverfish, booklice and wasps.
  • Fast application with ready to use formulation, at a rate of 20ml per square metre.
  • You can use the sprayed area immediately after spraying with Protector C
  • Pump spray so no ozone-depleting aerosol propellant required.

Details & Formulations

Protector c is an advanced nanoemulsion formulation based on water and containing the active ingredient cypermethrin at 0.1%. This liquid residual insecticide is available in 1 Litre trigger spray bottles or 5 Litre flagons (for use in compression sprayer).
The advanced nanoemulsion technology creates ultra-fine droplets which penetrate all the cracks & crevices where small bug pests are harbouring. This results in an immediate kill and knockdown effect with the added benefit of the active ingredient remaining on the surface, for up to three months, to kill any insects that enter from a non-treated area.

Instructions for use

  • Always read and follow all advice from the product label. Use pesticides safely.
  • Space treatments: Apply 1ml of product per cubic metre as a fine mist
  • Surface sprays: Apply 20ml of product per square metre, slightly wetting the surface to be protected.
  • Repeat treatment when and as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not very confident about using liquid insecticides. Can I get help?
There are many videos online that will give you advice on how to apply insecticide. You can check a short help video HERE
Can I spray Protector C in pet areas for fleas, mites and other bugs?
Yes, you can. Spray the area where your pet sleeps and wash the bedding. Also, remember to treat furniture where the pet rests as well. Treat your pet with an approved veterinary-use insecticide.
Can I use Protector C on beds for bed bugs?
Yes, you can. Remove all bedding and wash on a hot wash and tumble dry on a hot setting. Spray Protector C on the mattress (both sides) and the whole room, particularly the bed frame. The mattress is safe to use when dry.
How do I use Protector C to protect clothing and bedding from moths?
Clean the storage cupboard and spray with Protector C as a surface treatment. Replace clean clothes in the cupboard.
Can I use Protector C on my soft furnishing?
Yes, you can. Protector C is specifically approved for use on soft furnishings in the home, so you can treat your carpets and lounge suites as well.
Can I use Protector C around my farm?
Yes. It is recommended by the Institute of Animal Health for use on housing, vehicles and farmyards. It is also an approved insecticide by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) for use in the control of Bluetongue Vectors (see List of Approved Insecticides and Insect Repellents:

Product Details

Protector C Super Label

Protector C Super MSDS

Further Advice

  • Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.
  • Prevent access to bait by children and animals.
  • Keep in a safe place.
  • This liquid residual insecticide is not to be used on pet bedding, pet sleeping quarters or where pets frequently lie.
  • Hazardous to bees.
  • Do not use where food, feed or water could become contaminated.
  • Do not contaminate surface water or drains with chemicals or used containers.
  • Do not re-use the container. Store in original container.
  • Shelf life up to 2 years.
  • To avoid risks to human health and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.

First Aid

  • Skin contact: No harmful effects are anticipated from dermal exposure. Wash with soap and water.
  • Eye contact: Possible irritation. Rinse with water thoroughly. If irritation persists seek medical advice.
  • Ingestion: Low toxicity. Wash out your mouth with soap and water and seek medical advice.
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