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Mice Bait Boxes

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Mouse Bait Boxes - Keep Bait Safe

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Why keep Mouse Poison in a Bait Box?

Mice bait boxes are used in control programmes to increase the safety and effectiveness of poison baits (rodenticides).

    Advantages of Using Mice Bait Boxes

    • Mice bait boxes provide a sheltered place for mice to feed, making them feel more secure and consume more bait;
    • By keeping the bait secure in a compartment, bait boxes prevent mice from moving the bait out and abandoning it in the open;
    • Mouse bait boxes protect rodenticide bait from dust and moisture;
    • Lockable PVC Bait boxes allow the bait to be kept in locations that would normally be unsuitable due to hazards to non-target animals or environmental difficulties such as water splashes;
    • Lockable PVC Mice boxes prevent non-target species, such as pets, wildlife, livestock, and children to gain access to the baits;
    • Mice bait stations help contain accidental spillage and make it easier to determine the quantity of bait consumed.

      PVC Secure Mice Bait Boxes Features

      PVC bait boxes are lockable poison bait holding stations. They controls mice safely and discreetly.

      They make it safer to use bait around children and pets. All our packs are supplied with a key. Use for mouse control with rodenticide poison.

        • Tamper-proof Plastic Construction
        • For Indoor & Outdoor Use
        • Durable & Shock-Resistant
        • Reusable

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