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Ratflap® – Rat Drain Blocker

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The Ratflap® - Drain Non-return Sewer Valve for Rats

RatFlap and Rat Drain Blocker- Owl pest control Dublin

Rat Valve - Rat Blocker - Rat Stopper - Rat Flap

If you hear rats in the walls, ceilings, or attic of your home, they most likely come from the sewer underneath the house. The best way to control rats on the long term is to fit a Ratflap® Sewer non-return valve to your drains pipes.

We are an official distributor of the Genuine (Irish-made) Ratflaps®. Having used drain valves for over 20 years, we do not recommend any other products for protecting your drains.

What is the Ratflap®?

The Rat flap® is an ideal solution against rats entering properties via the drain system. The non-return valve is simply pushed into the pipework and does not require any specialist expertise or fitting equipment.

Once fitted, the chemical resistant stainless steel valve let rats leave your property but they cannot get access back.

The Rat flap® has been invented and patented by an Irish pest controller, and is now sold worldwide. Rat flaps® are manufactured from high quality acid resistant 304 grade stainless steel. The smooth design provides no resistance to the flow of waste. It is the only rat blocker system that allows 98.5% of the volume of the pipe to be utilised for waste flow.

What Are The Benefits of the Ratflap®?

The Rat flap® provides these unique advantages:

  1. An immediate solution to rat infestations under floor boards, in walls or attic, as rats do return to the sewer for getting food (usually every day).
  2. Eliminating the expenses or delays of investigative work, e.g.: drain CCTV surveys, lifting floor boards, removing plasterboards, etc.
  3. Prevent the dilemma of killing rats by poisoning, which can leave dead bodies in the building structure and terrible smells that go on for weeks.
Rat Flap - Owl pest control Dublin
Rat Flap. - Owl pest control Dublin
Rat Flap Overview - Owl pest control Dublin

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WHERE to Fit a Ratflap®?

If you have several toilets in your house you may have a few drain pipes converging onto a main one. If possible, locate the LAST manhole / inspection chamber on the sewer that services your property. This way you will only need one Rat flap® only instead of one in each manhole.

These are the main scenarios below:

1) Detached house: Usually only one Rat flap® needs to be installed.

Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin

2) Semi-detached house: Two Rat flaps® are usually needed (one for each half of the building).

Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin

3) Terraced houses: Each house of the block usually need one Rat flap®.

Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin

4) Apartment Block: As many drain pipes come out of the building (sometimes over a hundred), the most cost effective way is to use tracing dye and draw a map of the waste water flow. As little as one 9″ Ratflap® may be sufficient if the main manhole (at the start of the line) can be identified.

Rat Flap sewer installation - Owl pest control Dublin

How to Fit a Ratflap®?

Check the Ratflap® manufacturer installation guide Here

Please note: Thanks to a recent improvement in design the wire is no longer needed for standard Ratflaps® and the manufacturer does not include it anymore. Wire is only needed for installation in deep chambers. Please contact us for more details.

If you would like your Ratflap® to be professionally installed for you, contact us on 014523680.

Buying a Ratflap® - What size do I need?

Rat Flap - Owl pest control Dublin

The Ratflaps come in 4 sizes for the common diameter drains: 4 inches (102mm), 6 inches (152mm), 9 inches (229mm) and 12 inches (305mm). You will need to measure the diameter of your own drain.

Click Here to print a measuring tool directly

Some old clay pipes are 5 inches (127mm) in diameter.

Returns Policy

Due to the unhealthy nature of any sewer, the Ratflap® cannot be returned to us after it has been installed.

Before attempting to install the unit be sure you have ordered the correct size for your pipe system. You can only return for a full refund or size exchange if the Ratflap® has not been inserted into a sewer.

Bulk Orders & Inquiries: please Contact our Trade Counter on 014523680 (ext.2).

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