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Pest Control Industries

Effective Pest Control in Industries is an Insurance Against Potential Risk to Customers, Children, Staff, Premises and Reputation

Owl Pest Control Dublin can help you to get-rid-of pests
Commercial Pest Control

Pest Control Solutions Specific to each Business Sector

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Owl Pest Control offers local expert cost-effective solutions for commercial & public buildings. Serving Dublin, Co Meath, Co Kildare & Co Wicklow.

With stricter legislation, directives and audit compliance, it is paramount for businesses to take action for preventing, detecting, and control pests. We ensure compliance with internal and external quality management standards (e.g. BRC, HACCP, FEMAS, SafePass & ISO Compliance), client necessities and statutory pest management requirements. All our technicians are highly qualified and licensed by the DAFM.

Based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and extensive experience, we have developed pest control programmes specific to each type of business. Please scroll down and select your business/sector from the list below for more information on Pest Control for that Industry.

Professional Pest Control Services

Select Your Business

Our pest removal and control programmes are designed to protect your customers and business from pest issues and illnesses through pest prevention, early detection, and tailored solutions to make sure the highest standards are maintained.

Check below to find out how we can help your specific business sector:

A) Non-food Business Sectors

Owl Pest Control has been working with all sizes of businesses premises and industrial sites for decades to protect properties, staff and work environment safe from pest infestations and associated Health & Safety risks. Find out below how we can help your business to remain pest-free:

B) Food Business Sectors

Since 1998 Owl Pest Control maintain hundreds of business sites in the food industry in order to help preventing pest infestations, controlling any issues and contamination, and reducing the risks of pest infestations recurrence. Our mission is to prevent risks from pests to comply with food standards, industry best code of practice, and current legislation.

c) Healthcare Business Sectors

As one of the leaders in pest management, Owl Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to provide the highest levels of pest protection while being familiar to the special requirements of working in healthcare environments. We are aware that risks of cross-contamination cannot be tolerated and that the safety and comfort of your patients come first.

Find out how we can help keep your clinic, hospital, nursing home or other healthcare facility free of pests:


Our Team

Qualified and Fully Licensed Pest Control Technicians

Owl Pest Control Dublin is a member of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association), BPCA (British Pest Control Association), IPCA (Irish Pest Control Association), and is actively taking part in the development of the Pest Control Industry in Ireland. Our Technical Staff are licensed by the Department of Agriculture & consist of Filed Biologists, Highly Qualified Pest Control Technicians, Senior technical staff with over 15 years professional experience & qualifications including Postgraduate Degrees; Cork University, RSPH, BPCA, IPCA, Kilgerm & HACCP diploma

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