Decorative - Discreet Electric Fly Killers

We distribute and service a wide range of professional Discreet Electric Fly Killers: 30 watt to 80 watt,
aluminium, white, or stainless steel finish. We also provide replacement Lamps and Glue Boards for most make & models.

2 Year manufacturer’s warranty on all fluorescent tube Fly Killer Machines.

1) UV-A LED Fly Killer technology

Globally fluorescent tubes are gradually being replaced by a more eco-friendly LED technology. This technology is now becoming available in the next generation of insect light traps for pest control professionals.

UV-A LED lamps offer the following advantages:

  • Energy savings – UV-A LEDs are extremely efficient, low energy, light sources
  • Concentrated UV-A light – resulting in rapid insect attraction
  • Long operational life – up to 25,000 hours (3 to 5 years of constant use)
  • Compact light source – no other lamp possesses such small dimensions for a comparative light output
  • Durable lamps – The UV-A LEDs are hard wearing and fully shatter resistant
  • Unlike fluorescent lamps UV-A LEDs offer a ‘light to eye ratio of 100%’ (all emitted UV-A light is pointed in the direction of the insects in the area)

We are now offering a range of LED technology Glueboard Fly Killers which can be checked on display directly at our trade counter:

LED UPLIGHTER-Owl Pest Control Ireland

2) Fluorescent Bulbs Decorative Fly Killer Machines

discreet-fly-killer-flypod-Owl Pest Control Ireland
discreet-fly-killer-luralite-cento-Owl Pest control Ireland


Our Team

Qualified and Fully Licensed Pest Control Technicians

Owl Pest Control Dublin is a member of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association), BPCA (British Pest Control Association), IPCA (Irish Pest Control Association), and is actively taking part in the development of the Pest Control Industry in Ireland. Our Technical Staff are licensed by the Department of Agriculture & consist of Filed Biologists, Highly Qualified Pest Control Technicians, Senior technical staff with over 15 years professional experience & qualifications including Postgraduate Degrees; Cork University, RSPH, BPCA, IPCA, Kilgerm & HACCP diploma

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