Deliveries: Ireland, N.I., and Mainland Europe only! Biocides: Eire only!

Buy Discreet Electric Fly Killer Units. Ideal for public areas. UV Tubes or LED Fly Killers. Same-day dispatch. Fast Delivery in Ireland.

Decorative electric fly killers are designed for front-of-house use. They discreetly protect the areas that are very visible to customers.

Flies are attracted by the UV lights and then trapped with highly effective glue boards. This ensures that bugs are kept at bay. Discreet fly catchers are ideal in cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, food service, reception and dining areas.

Flying insects are unhygienic, disease-carrying and need to be controlled indoors. For advice on our Fly Killers range please call our customer support team on 01-4523680

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