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1) Vertox25 Mice & Rat Poison – 300g. tub

  • New safer rodenticide: complies with new EU legislation on rodenticide safety (IE/BPA number: 70507).
  • Ideal for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings.
  • Strong, single feed kill with a highly palatable all-weather block bait. Contains Brodifacoum 0.0025% w/w.
  • Each tub contains 15x bait blocks of 20g.
  • Each 20g block has a central hole in order to fix inside a bait station, keeping the bait away from children and non-target animals.
  • How much poison is required to get rid of mice and rats? Small and large mouse infestation: 1 tub. Small rat infestation: 1 tub. Large rat infestation: 2-3 tubs of Vertox 25.


  • 1x 300g tub: €7.25+VAT
  • 4x 300g tubs: €23.20+VAT (20% off)
  • Mice pack special offer: 1x 300g tub + 5x secure locking PVC mouse bait boxes + 1x key : €13.73+VAT (10% off)
  • Rats pack special offer: 1x 300g tub + 3x secure locking PVC rat bait stations + 1x key : €22.60+VAT (20% off)

**Republic of Ireland Shipping Only for all Rodenticides**

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Bellows Dust puffer - Owl pest control Dublin
Sprayer pro-Scraper-Bellows-painters pole - Owl pest control Dublin


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