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Pest Control for Moths

Owl Pest Control Dublin can help you to get-rid-of moths

How To Get Rid Clothes Moths

Can you notice the fibres coming off your carpets/rugs or even bald patches on the edges? Did you spot little cocoons on your walls or some sort of white web stuck to your carpets? If so you probably have a Clothes Moth infestation. Check our advice below or contact us for help.
Common Clothes Moth - Owl pest control Dublin




What do Moth infestations look like?


Fabric moths in Ireland are small whitish moths, i.e. the “Webbing Clothes Moth” or the “Case-bearing Clothes Moth”. Usually, you will see the adult pests first, flying around or gathering around the windows. This is an indication of the presence of the little maggots which in most cases are feeding on the wool carpets or less commonly clothing.

These maggots accumulate in the quietest and safest areas, along the skirting boards and under furniture. Over time they will literally shave some areas of the carpets to the thread (see our picture).



Adult clothes moths will not eat fabrics but they can lay 50 to 60 eggs onto fabrics, and these can hatch in as little as 10 days in suitable conditions. The little larvae are the ones creating the damage by chewing the natural fibres and making holes in the fabric. The case-bearing clothes moths larvae are very easy to identify, as they carry with them a little cocoon which is made of strands from the fabrics they find.

They can move some distance from the area they infested originally and are regularly found resting on the higher parts of walls.



Advice to Help Getting Rid of Moth Larvae

In order to reduce moth larvae in your house, check the following tips:


  • Keep your clothes clean: moths are more likely to lay eggs on stained fabrics as the larvae will find more nutrients on these. Always wash clothes before you put them back in your press.
  • You should also wash fabrics in contaminated areas, such as linens, soft furnishings, rugs, wool curtains, etc. as some fabrics attract moth larvae.
  • Clean all furniture, especially cracks where moth eggs hide: cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, etc.
  • Inspect and wash storage boxes, bags, suitcases and other items where eggs and larvae may be hiding.
  • Make sure you replace your vacuum cleaner bags often, as these may contain eggs, larvae, and also hair and pieces of fabrics the feed on. Bring the hoover bags immediately outside in your wheelie bin.
  • Inspect second-hand furniture and linen. It is a common way for clothes moths to enter your home. You can dry-clean linens & soft furnishings before using them.
    Try to get in the habit of regularly checking for holes in fabrics and carpets, and keep your rooms well-ventilated and dry.

Carpet Moths Treatments

pest-control-service-for-moths-Owl pest control Ireland
Carpet Moth Damage - Owl Pest Control Dublin

DIY Solutions

For small moth infestations, you can use some DIY products that kill or repel moths, such as Mothballs containing naphthalene or Clothes Moths Killer Cassettes. You can also treat contaminated items with heat (e.g. tumble dryer) or cold (e.g. domestic freezer).

You should vacuum all identified eggs and larvae, and pay particular attention to areas where lint accumulates (corners, baseboards, shelves, etc.). Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag after cleaning. All infested clothing, cloth, blankets and other fabrics should be cleaned or discarded.

Professional Help

Without a doubt, an established case-bearing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) infestation should be treated by a professional pest controller. This is the only way to ensure complete eradication and prevent the risks of re-infestation.

Owl Pest Control Technicians have extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with Clothes Moths and other fabric pests from any area around houses, hotels, apartment blocks and offices. For instance:

  • Moths infestation in carpets and rugs
  • Carpet Moths in clothes
  • Clothes Moths in Houses
  • Moths in apartment block corridors

Contact Owl Pest Control if you need help on how to get rid of clothes moths or to arrange a professional moth treatment.

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