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Rat & Mice Control

Our pest specialist will identify intruding rats or mice, provide the safest and most effective solution to get rid of rodents from your home using the best industry treatments, and then design a programme to prevent them from coming back.


Mice and rats enter your home looking for food, water and harbourage. But they remain threat to your health, your property, and will leave you distressed. Simple measures like rodent proofing your home can help protecting you.

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Rodent Control Includes

Mice and Rats are responsible for:

  • Making loud noises at night in attic or inside walls
  • Leaving pungent urine smell and droppings behind
  • Gnawing through wiring which may cause fires
  • Carrying diseases such as typhus fever and leptospirosis
  • Destroying belongings and property
  • Contaminating food with droppings hair & urine
  • Dying under floor boards and walls cavities causing foul odours
  • Carrying ticks or fleas which can harm humans and pets
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How to Do Rodent Control?

1) Inspection
From basement to attic, our rodent specialist will survey all reachable areas of your home and identify how rats and mice get access. From then on we can prepare a short and long-term strategy for your property.

2) Eradication & Exclusion
In order to get rodents out, we use traps, cages, bait, night vision cameras. Then we can undertake the proofing of all entry points to your home to prevent pests from coming back in the future.

3) Follow-up Visit(s)
At regular intervals, we will survey the property again and all the entry points that have been repaired and areas that have been treated. We will also look for possible new entry points or weakness in the building.

How can we keep rats and mice out of your home?

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  • By Blocking all entry points.
  • By inspecting the walls and foundations of your home and repairing with foam or masonry materials
  • By Carrying out CCTV and Smoke tests of the sewer system
  • By blocking gaps around air and plumbing vents
  • By inspecting and sealing joints around windows and doorsills
  • By covering gaps between exterior walls and roof fascia boards

Dublin Rat and Rodent Extermination

Same day expert rodent Control in Dublin available Monday to Saturday. Our professional and licensed Dublin rat exterminators and rodent control specialists will respond immediately to eliminate rodents and rats with maximum efficiency & provide you with sustained results.

We specialise in commercial and residential pest control throughout Dublin with exceptional service quality at great prices. If you need a mice or rat exterminator in Dublin city and the surrounding areas – call the specialists at Owl Pest Control.  Our experienced team will help you regain control of your property today.

Our rodent control in Dublin is available with fast same-day service Monday to Saturday in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare counties. Fast service and experienced specialists will inspect your property, assess and remediate on-site, including housekeeping and proofing recommendations.

Rodent Management Programmes

Our Rodent Control Programmes are dedicated to eliminating rats and mice in Dublin with superior results and specialist service. Our technicians will eliminate rodents, provide vermin prevention & exclusion, and use leading pest management technologies to provide ongoing rodent control for your office or your home.

Programme Features & Details:

Our service is designed to work with our customers in order to obtain rapid rodent elimination and get you back in control of your property. Our experienced operators will help you to implement a comprehensive rodent control program, work with your tenants and dedicate every resource at our disposal to achieve an efficient and effective service against rats and mice.

Inspection – Assessment – Planning:

Our first visit will achieve 4 objectives:

  • Give our experts a chance to assess your property and decide of the best options to achieve rodent control.
  • Exterminating and control mice/rat problems with immediate measures.
  • Prevent ongoing rodent control through assessment of rodent entry points, identifying structural weaknesses,
  • Provide a dedicated plan based on the property specificity.

Rodent Control Process:

Our rat and mice control service in Dublin is performed with a three-step approach: (1) elimination, (2) prevention / exclusion, and (3) ongoing control. Our specialists will work with you to determin the type of vermin infesting your property, put in place the most successful rodent control techniques, carry out thorough pest proofing measures to keep rodent out, and design the most cost effective ongoing pest control program with you.

Exterminate, Exclude, Control:

Our licensed technicians will use leading pest elimination techniques to exterminate your rodent issue. Following a thorough assessment we will seal off gaps and points of entry to exclude rodents from accessing your property. Our rodent specialists will strategically arrange discreet bait points and traps to eradicate the live mice or rat population infesting your office or home. We will then setup an ongoing control program to continually monitor and prevent rodents from re-infesting your property.

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