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Our Videos

Check out our videos for information on regular household pests in Ireland.

These videos will help you recognise pest threats around or in your home, as well as showing you how to control them.

"How To" Videos

How to Fit Gull Spikes on a Roof
How to anchor rodent bait stations fast and cheap
How to setup The Wedge™ Live rat & mice monitoring

Insects Videos

Cockroach Infestation
A very busy wasp nest!
Ants Nest in Building Outer Wall
Garden Ant Infestation in Hot Press
Drain Flies infestation

If you buy Liquid Insecticide from us or Insect Powder Dust, you can check a short video on how to apply insecticides


Rat & Mice Videos

Mice access from Air Vent
How sewer rats access buildings
Rat in snow
Rats in old wall
Mice access from Air Vent
Rat access from sewer to attic via stack vent sewer pipe

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