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Pest Control Bait Points and Dating

Pest Control Solutions

Why Pest Control Bait Points must be dated?

1) Checking Rat and Mice Bait Points

Rodenticides and non-toxic monitors use a food base to attract rats and mice – cereal-based in most cases. This means that all baits are prone to degradation by dampness, insects, but also slugs and snails outdoors.

To ensure the palatability and therefore the effectiveness of the baits, it is paramount that all bait points are checked during every routine inspection by the pest control operator, so it can be replaced when necessary.
There are 2 common methods used by pest controllers to make sure all bait points on site are checked regularly: Barcode systems and Manually Dated systems.

Barcode Systems vs Dated Systems?

Each quality control system has pros and cons:

Barcoded Stickers:

Manually Dated Stickers:

After years of experimenting with the two systems above, it has been determined by Owl’s management that the Manually Dated System offers a much better and reliable service quality, especially on 24/7 sites where customer representatives are not present.

In addition to this system, we rotate technicians on all our sites at each visit, allowing for “an extra pair of eyes” and identifying any internal issue that may arise.

Inefficient or No control measures?

Customers should always request a physical proof that control points are checked regularly and carry out spot-checks. Otherwise, you may experience a pest control programme that is not serving its intended purpose. This is illustrated in the pictures below during random site surveys:


2) Checking Insect Monitoring Bait Points

Insect monitoring devices are little glue boards on which an insect pheromone attractant is added, either directly inside the glue or else on a separate pill that is placed in the middle of the board. Most commercially available pheromone lures will last no more than 8 to 12 weeks in an indoor setting. The glue is also rapidly covered in dust and therefore be ineffective in trapping insects, especially in businesses such as bakeries, were flour is used abundantly.

Each monitor setup date should be clearly indicated on the device, so its lifespan can be established:

  • When control points are dated, Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and Auditors are reassured that all premise areas are checked regularly indoors and outdoors.
  • It is also a proof of service which can be used during an inspection if some pest control reports have been misplaced or lost.
Insect Monitor - Owl pest control Dublin
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