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Download Pesticide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and biocides/products labels directly from our tables below in PDF format:

  1. Rodenticides (Rat & Mice poison)
  2. Insecticides
  3. Other Biocides
  4. Sundry items

Latest manufacturer MSDS updates and Product Labels (when available) will be uploaded. All our products are approved (professional or amateur use) by the Pesticide Registration and Control Division of the Department of Agriculture Food.

Note : All files are in pdf file format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Contact Us for any query or if any file is missing or out of date.


Product NameRegistrationMSDSLabel
Black Pearl GrainIE/BPA: 70127MSDS 
Black Pearl PasteIE/BPA: 70057MSDSLabel
Contrac All Weather BloxIE/BPA: 70551MSDS 
Jade BlockIE/BPA: 70524MSDSLabel
Jade Cluster GrainIE/BPA: 70525MSDS 
Klerat WaxblocksIE/BPA 70601MSDSLabel
Racumin FoamIE/BPA: 70548MSDS 
Roban Cut WheatIE/BPA: 70573MSDSLabel
Roban Oktablok IIIE/BPA: 70580MSDSLabel
Roban Whole WheatIE/BPA: 70577MSDSLabel
Rodex 25 Whole Wheat BaitIE/BPA: 70586MSDSLabel
Rodex Excel Bait BlockIE/BPA: 70582MSDSLabel
Ruby BlockIE/BPA: 70528MSDSLabel
Ruby GrainIE/BPA: 70529MSDS 
Ruby PasteIE/BPA: 70530MSDS 
Sakarat BromabaitIE/BPA: 70390MSDSLabel
Sakarat WarfarinIE/BPA: 70735MSDSLabel
Sapphire GrainIE/BPA: 70516-001MSDSLabel
Sapphire25 GrainIE/BPA: 70677-001MSDSLabel
Sapphire PasteIE/BPA: 70523MSDSLabel
SelontraIE/BPA: 70751MSDSLabel
Talon SoftIE/BPA: 70595MSDS 
Vertox 25 Oktablok IIIE/BPA: 70507MSDSLabel
Vertox Contact GelIE/BPA: 70531MSDS 
Vertox Oktablock IIIE/BPA: 70534MSDSLabel
Vertox Pasta BaitIE/BPA: 70535MSDSLabel


Product NameRegistrationMSDSLabel
Advion Cockroach Gel BaitPCS: 70013MSDSLabel
Ant & Crawling Insect Killer PowderPCS: 97461MSDS 
AquaPyPCS: 93571MSDSLabel
Biopren BMSPCS: 95443MSDSLabel
Bombex FarumyPCS: 98540MSDSLabel
Cimetrol Super EWPCS: 99105MSDSLabel
Clothes Moth Killer CassettePCS: 96542MSDSLabel
Coopex Maxi Smoke GeneratorPCS: 93409MSDSLabel
Cyperbio 100EWPCS: 94718MSDSLabel
Desi Dust (Diatomaceous Earth)N/AMSDSLabel
Dethlac Insecticidal LacquerPCS:98560MSDSLabel (UK)
Dia-secticide (Diatomaceous Earth)N/AMSDS 
Digrain Bugster ECPCS: 100215MSDSLabel
Digrain ControlPCS: 95027MSDSLabel
Digrain Wasps and Hornets DestroyerPCS: 94719MSDSLabel
Doff Ant KillerPCS: 94677MSDS 
Fendona 6SC (Revoked)PCS: 93388MSDS Label
Ficam DIE/BPA: 70406MSDSLabel
Ficam W (Revoked)PCS: 93413MSDSLabel
Flash Dose (Phobi)PCS: 95029MSDSLabel
Fly & Wasp KillerPCS: 93670MSDS 
Fortefog Fumer MaxiPCS: 93121MSDSLabel
Fortefog Fumer MidiPCS: 93121MSDSLabel
Fortefog Fumer MiniPCS: 93121MSDSLabel
Fumite Permethrin Smoke MaxiPCS: 98310MSDSLabel (UK)
Fumite Permethrin Smoke MiniPCS: 98310MSDSLabel (UK)
InsectrolPCS: 95177MSDS 
K-Othrine PartixIE/BPA 70480MSDSLabel
Maxforce PlatinIE/BPA: 70689MSDSLabel
Maxforce QuantumPCS: 70221MSDSLabel
Mostyn PTP 15 ULVPCS: 93075MSDSLabel (UK)
Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 2PCS: 70341MSDS 
Oa2KI Diatomaceous Earth AerosolN/AMSDSLabel
Perbio Choc RTUPCS: 94720MSDSLabel
Phobi CAPSPCS: 100101MSDSLabel
Phobi DosePCS: 95030MSDSLabel
Phobi Dose+PCS: 100024MSDSLabel
Phobi F&F One ShotPCS: 98772MSDSLabel
Phobi F&F+ One ShotPCS: 100025MSDSLabel
Protector C SuperPCS: 100079MSDSLabel
Pybuthrin 33PCS: 93411MSDSLabel
Pykill RFUPCS: 100088MSDSLabel
Rentokil Woodworm TreatmentPCS: 93087MSDSLabel
SX MiniSmoke FumerPCS: 96721MSDSLabel
SX SupaSmoke FumerPCS: 96722MSDSLabel
ULV 500PCS: 94277MSDSLabel
Wasp Nest Destroyer FoamPCS: 93724MSDS 


Product NameRegistrationMSDSLabel
BiokilPCS: 95449MSDSLabel
PX-OrnikillPCS: 94274MSDSLabel
Steri-7 Professional ConcentratePCS: 95528MSDSLabel

Steri-7 Ultra Protect Antibacterial Wipes

PCS: 95532MSDS 

4) SUNDRY - MSDS / Labels

Type Product Name MSDS Label Other Info
Bird Spikes Adhesive Bird Proof Transparent Repellent MSDS Instructions
Bird Spikes Adhesive Avifix MSDS
Bird Spikes Adhesive Avisil MSDS
Electric Fly Killer Glueboard Silvandersson Glueboard MSDS
Electric Fly Killer Glueboard GEA Card Glueboard MSDS
Expanding Foam Bostik Sealocrete Sealofoam MSDS
Insect Glue Monitors SX Pads MSDS
Insect Pheromone Lure Black Stripe Agrisense Plodia Ephestia MSDS Tech. Data
Insect Pheromone Lure CB MSDS
Insect Pheromone Lure Exosex SPtab MSDS
Insect Pheromone Lure Xlure Multi Species MSDS
Rodent Deodorent Killgerm-Rodent-Deodorent MSDS Label
Rodent Attractant Provoke Mouse MSDS Label Declaration
Rodent Attractant Provoke Rat MSDS Label Declaration
Rodent Bait Station DEXA MSDS
Rodent Bait Station Protecta MSDS
Rodent Bait Station Rodenthor MSDS
Rodent Traps Rentokil Live Capture Mouse Trap MSDS
Rodent Traps Snap-E Traps Kness MSDS
Rodent Monitor (non-toxic) Deadline Non-Tox indicator Paste MSDS
Rodent Monitor (non-toxic) Detex Blox MSDS Label
Rodent Monitor (non-toxic) Roban-Gold MSDS Label
Rodent Monitor (non-toxic) UV-Blocks MSDS
Rodent Proofing MouseStop MSDS
Rodent Tracking Tolbest Tracking Dust MSDS
Silvercheck Silverfish Glue Trap MSDS Tech. Data
UV Tube Fluorescent Philips Actinic MSDS
UV Tube Fluorescent Pluslamp MSDS
UV Tube Fluorescent Sylvania MSDS Specs
UV Tube Fluorescent Tightbend MSDS
UV Tube Fluorescent Wemlite MSDS
UV Tube LED Astron LED lamps 15 watt 18″   Tech. Data
UV Tube Sleeving Sleeving MSDS Conformity
Wasp Attractant Wasp & Fly Lure (Edialux – Russells) MSDS  
Safety Data Sheets

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