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What are Snap Traps?

Traditional snap traps, also called “spring traps” or “mousetraps” are commercially available and widely used.
The traps have a spring mechanism that once triggered by a rodent release a metal or plastic bar with a lot of force to its head or neck, causing an immediate fatal injury.

Why Using Snap Traps?

Well-designed snap traps are the fastest and most humane method for disposing of rats and mice.

They come in different sizes depending if the target is mice or rats. It is of course recommended to only use a well-designed and reliable trap that only comes off once the rodent’s head is fully inside the trap area when the trap is triggered.

Well designed rat and mouse traps are continuously found to deliver a quick death to the rat or mouse, and  they can be reused after being cleaned.

Tips for Setting Rat & Mice Traps Effectively

  1. Baits used for the trap may include: peanut butter, chocolate, dried fruit or bread (which should be fresh). If the traps are not being triggered, changing the bait type may increase interest.
  2. The bait should only be applied within the dedicated bait area. The rest of the trap should be kept clean of any food residue. This will reduce the chances of the trap closing and injuring the animal rather than killing it.
  3. For quicker results, the traps should be placed along the walls or the paths used by the rodents to move around. Where possible, create a temporary “funnel” or “tunnel” to help guiding the rodent to the trap. Use sturdy and appropriate materials for that.
  4. Setup all the rat or mouse traps at night, and check them every morning to remove any dead animal. Should any animals be trapped but not killed, humanely kill them by applying a rapid and heavy blow to the head.

Snap Mouse Traps

Mouse Trap Snap-E - Owl pest control Dublin

A mouse trap can be an effective way to get rid of mice, with the added advantage of killing and keeping the mouse in the trap. This avoids the bad odours caused by mice dying under floors or in wall cavities for example.

Mice are very inquisitive and are easily caught in mouse traps if the trigger is sensitive and the release is fast. Our Snap-E mouse traps are the preferred professional choice.

Unlike mice poison which requires several days for the poison to take effect, mice spring traps provide immediate control of live mice.

Mice Spring Trap features:

  • Easy mice trap setup by pressing the back of the trap
  • Bait compartment in the middle of the trigger plate
  • Double spring (rust-resistant) for stronger impact
  • Large trigger plate – will catch passing mice when set against a wall or skirting board
  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • Size (approx.): L98 x W47 x H60 mm

TIPS: We recommend using chocolate or peanut butter as bait for mice snap traps. For faster control use as many traps as possible set in different locations where mice are present.

Snap Traps Review Video

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Mouse Traps in Safety Boxes

Mouse Traps Snap Box - Owl Pest Control Ireland 4

Safety trap boxes are a great way to secure mouse traps out of sight and reach from pets and children, you can use our lockable trap box kits. The body of the mouse is retained within the box so the killing remains very discreet.

Mice Trap Snap E Box - Owl pest control Dublin

You can inspect the trap without opening the box by simply looking through the viewing slots. If the trap is set you will notice a yellow bar through the apertures:

  • Tough polypropylene construction
  • Size: L150 x W120 x H60 mm

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Rat Traps

best rat traps x2 - Owl pest control Dublin

Rat traps are primarily used to control rats in places where people live or work. Rat traps are most suitable for areas where putting down chemicals could be a risk, i.e. in the presence of children, pets and other animals.

Rat traps work effectively and quickly, leaving the user with the only job of disposing of rat bodies.

We have two professional rat traps for sale online both using strong springs and fast “quarter turn” killing movement.

Click on the links for more details.

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