• Easy to use break-back spring trap with bait / trip plate
  • Powerful, reliable & re-useable
  • The Rat Snap Trap combines an effective snap trap mechanism with rugged materials
  • The Rat Snap Trap is as simple as it is effective.

4.2018.90 (ex.VAT )



Durable plastic base plate and treadle with a powerful steel spring and break back bar to ensure a swift reliable kill every time.

This trap is used by professional pest controllers as a reliable go-to trap in all areas both indoors and outdoors


  • Bait the trip pad BEFORE setting the trap we recommend using our specially formulated Big Cheese Trap Bait Syringe PB017, or Brazil nuts held in place using peanut butter for best results, or alternatively use a food source that the rodents are familiar with in your premises
  • Pull back the spring loaded bar taking care to keep clear of the break bar, lock into position by pushing bar into the one-way catch
  • Place the trap carefully along skirtings, or anywhere that you see signs of activity
  • To dis-arm press and hold down the spring loaded bar, press trigger plate to open the bar catch and gradually release the bar back to its resting place
  • Keep away from children, pets and non-target species at all times
  • Trap can be re-used
  • Check traps at least every 24-hours
  • For best results ensure the bait used remains fresh and palatable (rats are fussy eaters) and ensure any other sources of food in the property are sealed in rodent proof containers.
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