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Mice and Rat Products

Mice and Rat Products

Professional Mice and Rat Products

What Products can be purchased to get rid of rodents?

When looking for mice and rat products, you need to have a planned approach in order to control an infestation and prevent it from reoccurring.

1) Identify the Types of Rodents

Have you got mice or rats? It is important to identify which type of rodent is present so you can use the proper equipment to get rid of them.

The easiest way to find out is to look at the size of the droppings and compare them with the size of Rice. Mice droppings are a bit smaller than white rice and rat droppings are much larger:

Rat vs Mice droppings size shape comparison with rice

2) Get the Appropriate Mice and Rat Products

There are a myriad of mice and rat products available to get rid of rodents. Some use mechanical means such as traps and other use chemical methods to achieve control.

The most common and efficient ones are:

3) Think Long-Term Rodent Control Solutions

It is not enough to just kill rats and mice in and around your property.

Once an infestation is cleared, you should look at ways to proof the building so new rodents don’t come in and re-infest.

Such proofing mice and rat products include:

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