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Pest Control for Carpet Beetles

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How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles and Fabric Pests

Did you notice bald patches on your carpets? or tiny colorful beetles gathering around your window sills? Then you are most likely dealing with a Carpet beetle infestation. Check our advice below or contact us for help.




What do Carpet beetles infestations look like?

Carpet Beetles are very small beetles (2 to 3mm). Their bodies are oval-shaped, black with white and yellow (or orange) patterned coloration.

You may notice some larvae on the carpets. These are very distinctive from other insect larvae with their dense covering of long barbed hairs. Also they are slightly larger than adult carpet beetles.

Warm and dry conditions are ideal for their development. Usually, it is the adult beetles that are noticed first, gathering around skirting boards and windows. This is an indication of the presence of an established infestation.

The larvae of Carpet beetles thrive in areas where there is no disturbance, such as beneath carpets, around skirting boards and in wardrobes. Bird and rodent nests, animal remains and even dead insects are frequently responsible for infestations.

How Carpet Beetles got into my House?

Adults carpet beetles fly indoors through open windows and doors (being very small they are not noticed), or when some infested items are brought into a home. Then they lay eggs on a variety of materials such as wool, feathers (bird nests), dead insects, silk, leather, carpets, clothing, rugs or furniture.

They will thrive indoors if the home is not kept very clean and if they are left alone, as there are plenty of materials that will satisfy their diet.

Most of the carpet beetle damage is the consequence of larvae eating natural fiber materials. The bristly hairs of these larvae can also irritate skin. When these become adult carpet beetles, they feed on pollen and try to get outdoors. They are also attracted to light so it is frequent to see them dead or dying on window ledges.

The presence of adult carpet beetles in your home is an indication that their larvae and eggs are also in the house.

Carpet Beetles Larva (Anthrenus) Owl Pest Control
Carpet Beetle Larva (Anthrenus)
are-carpet beetles-harmful


How do I get rid of Carpet beetles

  • If identified, all carpet beetle maggots and eggs should be hoovered.
  • Special attention should be paid to corners, baseboards, shelves, and other areas where lint aggregates.
  • After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner bag should be disposed of.
  • All infested small items such as clothing should be cleaned or disposed of.

To prevent risks of re-infestation, an established Carpet beetles infestation should only be treated by a trained pest controler.

Owl Pest Control Operators have considerable experience and training in getting rid of Carpet Beetles, Fur Beetles and other fabric pests from any area in hotels, apartment blocks, houses, offices, e.g.:

  • Fur and Carpet Beetles in rugs and carpets
  • Carpet Beetles in clothes, textile and fur
  • Carpet Beetles in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Carpet Beetles in attics and around bird nests

Contact Owl Pest Control if you need help on how to get rid of carpet beetles or to arrange a professional carpet beetle treatment in County Dublin.

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