Angled Nestdivert (2 pieces) – Prevent Swallows’ Nests


Deter house martins and swallows from nesting under all other sections of the roof.

Cost: €11.75+VAT per pack of 2

11.75 (ex.VAT )

Prevent Swallows and House Martins from Building Nests

NestDivert deters house martins, swallows and swifts from nesting under sections of your roof. It is easy to install and stops these small birds from building their nests in your home’s eaves, gable and apex. It is a simple deterrent that will not harm the birds but stop them from nesting in your building. The design will not harm the birds and simply encourages them to move onto a more suitable area that will not be your home.

To prevent house martins and swallows from building nests under the eaves and soffits of your roof, the best option is to use NestDivert:

  • The design works with all roof types (horizontal or slanted) and can also be positioned behind downpipes.
  • It is very discreet, almost impossible to notice
  • 2 strips of 264mm manufactured from acrylic
  • Weatherproof and doesn’t turn yellow in the sunlight like poly-carbonate
  • Install in seconds and lasts for many years

There are 2 types of NestDivert available:

  • The “Flat NestDivert” for the apex or wall junctions of the roof (product sold HERE) and
  • The “Angled NestDivert” for all other sections (product sold on this page):
house-martin-swallows-nest-deterrent-Installation-Guide-Owl Pest Control Ireland
You are buying the “ANGLED Nest Divert” on this page.

See the NestDivert in Action

How to Install the Angled NestDivert

NestDivert is very easy to install. Simply peel away the protective tape and push into place. The product is manufactured from clear, transparent, non-corrosive and UV protected material. It  will not damage the exterior of your home by way of rust or chemicals.
Check the installation video below:


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