• Rat and mouse poison tray for holding our wholegrain based poisons.
  • Ideal for use under or behind cupboards, floorboards and attics.
  • Sold in packs of 100, economical and easy to use by home users
  • Indoor use only, keep well away from children, pets and livestock

7.04 (ex.VAT )


Plastic moulded circular tray in red.

Outer diameter 80mm.

Inner diameter 52mm.

Height 15mm.


Place on floor close to affected area and fill level with wholegrain rat and mouse poison.

Place bait points 5m apart, reducing to 2m in cases of high infestation, paste can also be used to fill holes being used as access points by the mice.

For best results place against a wall or skirting board in known rat runs

Check regularly and top-up

Discard bait and renew once a week

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