• Erico Caddy beam clip intermediate netting fixing for structural steel
  • Fits thickness of 8-14mm
  • Holds perimeter net wire rope to steelwork flanges, on C, H and L-section steel beams.
  • Pack of 10
  • Galvanised steel
  • Ideal for netting industrial buildings, underground car parks and HVAC roof pens etc

8.60 (ex.VAT )

Beam Clip Usage

For use as an intermediate netting perimeter wire rope fixing when installing bird control netting on structural steel beams, columns and roof trusses

  • Simply feed the perimeter wire rope between the clip’s jaws and then hammer the clip home onto the flange (thickness 8-14mm).
  • Do not hammer the clip home completely, instead leave a gap of about 3mm between the back wall of the clip and the leading edge of the flange, in order to allow the wire rope to slide through when it is tensioned.
  • Use at 1.0m intervals for 75mm and 50mm netting, 0.5m intervals for 40mm and 28mm netting and 0.3m intervals for 19mm netting.

WARNING: Once hammered home the clips are virtually impossible to remove, please ensure that you have measured correctly.

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