• Prevents a bird from being unintentionally trapped behind netting
  • Unique one-way funnel design ensures birds leave but do not return.
  • Takes a matter of seconds to install into any netting using hog ring staples
  • Prevents cruelty to pest birds and hence prevents negative publicity for bird control
  • Available in 5-pack
  • Know your responsibilities under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006

17.42 (ex.VAT )


These funnels are designed to allow for a bird to escape from a netting system when it has been unintentionally trapped either during installation or when damage has occurred to a bird netting installation which unintentionally allowed a bird to enter

All bird netting should be installed by a professional and there should be no birds in the area during the installation.

Simple cone shape, supplied flat packed. Quickly formed using an interlocking one-way tab

Bird-Scape reduces the risk of harm to a bird that was trapped unknowingly during the netting installation

Bird-Scape is an ingeniously designed escape route for small or large birds

Bird Scape will allow birds from Sparrow size (19mm netting) up to pigeon size (50mm netting) to escape.


The Bird Scape funnel location should be carefully selected on a netting installation and only installed horizontally. A bird must be able to walk over the funnel to then drop out through the funnel and fly away.

DO NOT install a Bird Scape where a bird will need to fly to reach it, or install it vertically and do not fit the Bird Scape in a confined space where the exit route is fully or partially blocked.

It is important to understand the legislation surrounding live trapping of animals. We recommend that you know your responsibilities under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006

Simply roll the flat pack Bird Scape into a cone. Then hog ring staple the wider diameter section of the funnel to the netting with the fronts pointing outwards of the netting installation. Finally cut away the netting mesh behind the funnel.

The Bird Scape can be easily retro-fitted to existing netting installations.

Use for pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

Invaluable, especially useful when netting highly complex areas where pest birds could hide away without being noticed, only later to appear once the netting work is complete.

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