• Chimney Guards stop birds, rain, leaves and small mammals from entering your chimney
  • Fits 150mm-250mm (6″-10″) flue sizes
  • Can be fitted to used or un-used chimneys
  • Chimney guards simply slide in. No tool is required. Long-lasting

15.89 (ex.VAT )

Chimney Guards are an easy to install way of preventing birds, leaves and small mammals from entering your chimney. Fits 150mm-250mm (6″-10″) flue sizes

Chimney Guard Specifications

  • Powder-coated construction to provide long service life.
  • Easy to install chimney guard that will prevent birds from nesting or entering into your fireplace
  • Universal Fit – Simply squeeze the legs into your existing chimney pot
  • Designed to fit up to 10″ (250mm) Chimney Pots
  • Bottom Diameter 10.5″ (267mm)
  • Height 16.5″ (415mm)

Used to prevent common pests from entering chimneys such as birds and squirrels

Will also prevent leaves from entering the chimney in situations where trees either overhang or are in close proximity to the chimneystack.

Questions & answers

Can these keep squirrels out of the chimney?
They keep both birds and squirrels out

Can the chimney guards be used with gas fires?
Yes, the construction is very resistant to temperatures and weather

Can I install it with the legs on the outside of the chimney pot?
No. The legs should be Installed inside the pot not outside

Will they fit square chimney pots?
This product is definitely designed for round chimneys, not square ones

Are these galvanised or painted?
Painted black or dark green and surprisingly robust. Even in a very exposed area and it is a solid, well-fitting
(but adjustable with a bit of pushing/pulling for size to ensure a tight fit) and showing little signs of wear.

Are chimney guards recommended for an active flue?
Certainly. Even if you use your chimneys regularly.

Weight 2 kg
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