Insect Smoke Bombs

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Flies and Insect Smoke Bombs

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smoke generator bomb mini          smoke generator bomb fortefog midi fumer
3.5 grams 11 grams



Smoke generators (or smoke bombs) are easy to use and can be used for a wide range of flying and crawling insects including Houseflies, Cluster Flies, Fruit Flies, Wasps, Moths, Fleas, Bedbugs, Beetles.

It is an ideal solution where insects are high up or difficult to reach by normal spraying methods, or where the spraying of liquid-based insecticides is not possible.

SX MiniSmoke and Fortefog Midi fumers are ready to use. They are self-contained and you only need to lit them and walk away from the area. Once the fumes disperse there is no residual smell or deposit. They may be used in the following situations:


Cluster Flies infestation in Attic.


Application instructions

  1. Always read and follow all advice from product label. Use pesticides safely.
  2. SX MiniSmoke PCS: 96721. 3.5g. Contains Permethrin 13.25% w/w
  3. Fortefog Midi PCS: 93121. 11g. Contains Permethrin 13.25% w/w
  4. Find out how many fumers are required for the room to be treated. Heavy infestations may need more than 1 application.
  5. Seal the areas to be treated: close windows and doors, block fireplaces and remove draughts.
  6. Place Mini Fumer on a heat resistant surface (e.g. saucer) and remove the top.
  7. Remove all plants, people, and pets (including fish from the area to be treated).
  8. Remove container cap and place each generator on a fireproof base.
  9. When using several smoke generators, space them throughout the area to be treated and prepare all for ignition before lighting the first.
  10. Ignite the wick of each generator by using a match or lighter, starting with the furthest from an identified exit.
  11. Leave for not less than two hours and upon returning, open windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly for at least 30 minutes before using the space.

Rate of Application


smoke generator bomb fortefog midi fumer

Fortefog P Midi Fumer

11g. (Medium)

(10% off for 10 units order)

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smoke generator bomb mini

SX Mini Smoke Generator

3.5g (Small)

(10% off for 10 units order)

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SX MiniSmoke Material Safety Data Sheets: Avigo Gel MSDS

Fortefog Midi P Fumer Material Safety Data Sheets: Avigo Gel MSDS

Fortefog Midi P Fumer Technical Information: Fortefog P Fumer Technical Information 


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