• Bird Dispatcher is a special tool available to ensure that bird control is achieved in the correct, humane manner.
  • Suitable for use in pest control, game bird management and poultry care.
  • High quality British made product
  • An essential tool for the professional bird controller
  • Ensure you know the applicable local laws before attempting to carry out control work.

58.15 (ex.VAT )

Bird Dispatcher Specification

Weight:0.23 kg

Width:30 mm

Length:180 mm


For use as a humane bird dispatcher in pest control, game bird and poultry applications

This tool can be used for humanely dispatching wounded captured pest birds such as feral pigeons as well as wounded game birds including; pheasant, partridges, grouse, chickens and other birds of a similar size.

It is 180 mm in length and is quick and simple to use. The handles have PVC sleeves for comfort.

What is this tool used for?

  • Humanely dispatching common pest birds in the UK that have either been captured or wounded; including Feral Pigeons, Crows, Jackdaws & wood pigeon.
  • Humanely dispatching wounded pheasant, partridges, grouse, chickens and other game birds of a similar size.
  • Ideal for hunting / game shooting enthusiasts.
  • Handy tool for Farmers and individuals in the agriculture industry.

Place Dispatcher around bird’s neck.

Exert pressure until spinal cord is broken.

Hold for 2-3 seconds

Remove Dispatcher from neck

Weight 0.5 kg
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