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Humane Mouse Trap – Live Multi Catch

Live Humane Mouse Trap Multi Catch

  • Humane Mouse Trap: This kind of trap does not kill mice, but only locks them in after they enter to eat the bait in the trap. Ventilation holes ensure a comfortable stay until you release them.
  • Easy to Use: No setup, just put the bait in and close the lid. The trap door closes immediately after the mouse enters. The trap can be reused after a quick clean with soapy water.  There is a transparent window, you can clearly see whether the mouse enters.
  • Safety: The humane mouse traps contain no chemicals, mouse poison, electricity or glue boards that could harm mice and children/pets.
  • High Efficiency & High Quality: The mouse trap is made of durable galvanized steel. It quickly lures mice inside the trap. The sturdy steel trapping mechanism is very sensitive, and after entering the trap it is difficult for mice to escape.
  • Size: Large to capture 10-15 mice – H58 x W260 x D160 mm
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Multi Catch Humane Mouse Trap Specifications

Get the best multi-catch live humane mouse trap. It does not kill mice, but rather traps them inside the metal box when they go inside, attracted by the bait.

Main Features

  • The live humane mouse trap has many ventilation holes to ensure that the little intruders live comfortably until you release them outside.
  • The trap is made of durable galvanized steel.
  • Mice can be lured inside the trap easily using chocolate flakes or Rat & Mouse Trap Bait attractant.

Humane Mouse Trap Live Multi Catch 5

How does the Mouse Trap work?

  • The sturdy steel entry plate is very sensitive and springs back up after each catch so that mice don’t escape after entering the trap.
  • After the mouse enters the trap, the door will close up. You can also clean the mouse trap with soapy water after using it.
  • You can easily check if a mouse has been trapped by looking through the large transparent window.
  • The humane mouse trap does not contain poison, traps, killing spring traps, electricity, glue or any other harmful device. This makes it safe for mice and also a better option if you have children and pets around the house.
  • Traps can be placed indoors and outdoors, e.g. houses, balconies, corridors, terraces, warehouses, offices, restaurants, etc.


  • Target: Mice
  • Areas of Use: Commercial, residential, or industrial buildings, outdoors and indoors, in sensitive areas where snap traps or rodenticides are not desirable or prohibited
  • Application: Place the humane mouse trap near baseboards, along walls, corners or in areas where mice are more likely to travel.
  • Pet safety: Safe to use but the mouse trap should be placed in areas not readily accessible to pets and children to prevent tampering
  • Yield: Catches up to 15 mice at a time
  • Dimensions: H58 x W260 x D160 mm
  • Net Weight: 645g
  • Material/Construction: Galvanised Metal
  • Special Features: The live-catch mouse trap is easy to use and requires no setting.  The very low profile allows it to be positioned in tight areas or under pallets. The clear top allows you to easily view the catch

How to Set the Humane Mouse Trap Video


  • Step 1: Observe the surroundings and identify where mice gather. Place the humane mouse trap on the passing route.
  • Step 2: Open the lid and put a thin layer of bait in, then close the lid. You can use chocolate flakes or small pieces of chocolate. Do not build up food inside so mice do not get tempted to chew through the viewing window!
  • Step 3: The mouse trap has entrance holes on each side of the box, so no matter where the mouse enters it will step on the rocking plate and become trapped themselves inside the box.
  • Step 4: Leave the trap and wait patiently. The live humane mouse trap can capture several mice at a time.
  • Step 5: Check the trap at least twice a day (e.g. morning and evening) to prevent mice from dehydrating or fighting with each other. Release the mice outside the building and rinse the trap & reset it if necessary.

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Live Humane Mouse Trap Testimonials

“We had a family of mice move into our house… IT’S NOT OK! So we found them in the lounge, and I didn’t want to harm them but it is neither acceptable for them to be living around my home so they had to go. We put chocolate flakes in the trap and have caught 4 mice now (1 at a time but there is room for several of them).

The trap is easy to open to tip the mice out. I washed mine with some bleach spray …it’s a REALLY good little gadget. When they get caught they still have enough room to move around whilst waiting for you to come and set them free….. it’s been a week now and no more so hopefully it has caught them all and it can go on a shelf until next time.

We bought a few different humane traps over the years and I must say this one is the best we used so far – but definitely not big enough to catch rats…”


“We’ve 2 traps. They are easy to use and the more they get used the better because mice can detect that other mice have used them before. We have used these traps for 4 years and they really help to stop mice from entering the house come winter! We caught 8 bank voles and 43 wood mice this year, all released to woodland. Brilliant traps but must be checked every day!!”


“Absolutely fantastic! I thought I just had 1 mouse but I caught 9 in a week, and the first one within a few hours. I even caught 3 in one go. The traps are easy to set and bait (I used a green triangle Quality Street). It is also easy to transport and release the mice too. Just make sure to check the trap regularly or they will die. I Bought 4 more traps since.”

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7 reviews for Humane Mouse Trap – Live Multi Catch

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  1. Had a mouse in my Kitchen, bought this trap to catch it, the trap is high quality and a good size if you need to catch more than one mouse

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  2. I have spent lots and lots of money over the years on humane mouse traps and they have all either allowed the mouse to escape with the chocolate! or simply been impossible to set up. This one was easy to set up and the mice all popped in like good ‘uns. I have it ready cleaned, easy again, in the shed for any repeat visitations. Such a pleasant change when a product actually does what it claims 😉

    (1) (0)
    • Thank you so much Felicity for sharing your experience. We have also been looking for good humane mouse traps for years. Even trapped some mice would shew the plastic in a few hours to get out of the PVC traps! This multi-catch live mouse trap is the most reliable and best we found so far!

  3. After setting it up, and using peanut butter it works really well. It nice to release the mice and not poisoning them. There is a few Buzzards and Owls in the neighbouring field, so I don’t want to use poison around the house.

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  4. Excellent little trap – caught my mouse visitor after a few days and I was able to release him into the wild. Would recommend, good price and fast shipping as well.

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  5. Excellent little trap, I did not want to harm my mouse. It took a few days for him to go in but I was then able to release him into the wild. I added some cheese and white chocolate. It’s very easy to use, good price and the shipping was fast. Recommended, I will keep for any future mouse visitors.

    (1) (1)
    • Thank you Carol for reviewing the multi-catch mouse trap. It is indeed very useful to trap and release mice without harming them. Make sure you don’t free them too close to your house! 🙂

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