• For use in terminating pigeon wire against posts, split pins and screw pins
  • Use with a bird crimp tool
  • Gives a slip-free wire termination against which spring tension can be installed
  • Not compatible with seagull wire

6.87 (ex.VAT )

Nickle plated crimp ferrule suitable for pigeon wire 0.45mm coated to 0.7mm diameter.


Nickle Plated Crimps are used to anchor the pigeon wire to the posts, springs, split pins or screw pins.

  • Thread one crimp onto the wire.
  • Thread the wire through the eye of the bird post or the spring, split pin or screw pin.
  • Feed the wire back through the crimp, forming a loop that contains the bird post or spring.
  • Slide the crimp towards the post or spring for a snug, neat fit, leaving a small tail of approx 10-20mm.
  • Compress the crimp using a Bird Wire crimp tool PW241 so that the two sections of wire are compressed together and held fast.
Weight 0.05 kg
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