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Requirements to Become a Pest Controller

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The PRCD (Pesticide Registration and Control Division – a division of the Department of Agriculture) has recently introduced new rules for pest controllers, following the EU Biocidal Products Directive (BPD). The three main objectives of the BPD are:

  1. to secure a high level of protection of people and the environment,
  2. to harmonise legislation concerning the placing of biocidal products on the market in the EU
  3. to remove barriers of trade within the European Union.

What Does it Mean for Irish Pest Controllers?

All pest controllers operating in the Republic of Ireland are now legally required to register with the DAFM and obtain a PMU (Pest Management User) number. This is the equivalent to a “licence” to operate.

Pest controllers must initially apply for a PMU number, and the PRCD reviews it every year.

PMU Registration

To Register as a Pest Management – Trained Professional User, click on the picture:


Notes on registration:

  • You should first register as a “Pest Management Trainee”. This will allow you to get a temporary PMU for 9 months (with some restrictions), to allow you enough time to obtain your mandatory qualification (see below: Level 3 Award in Pest Management)
  • You must keep your PMU contact details up to date;
  • An individual receives a PMU Number, not a company;
  • Make sure your phone number and email address are current to receive relevant information from the DAFM-PRCD;
  • Contact with any updates to contact information on the Pest Register.

Level 3 Award in Pest Management – Trained Professional User

The new Irish-specific training course Level 3 Award in Pest Management – Trained Professional User is available since May 2018. Details of the course providers can be found on the Lantra website.

Employers must work with new trainee PMUs to prepare them for this course. Employers should be covering the theory behind the practical elements of the work to help prepare the new trainees for the exam. This course is of a higher standard and the trainees as part of their mentoring programme will need to prepare in advance of taking the course by reading up on the topics and speaking with colleagues.

Continuous Professional Education (CPE) requirements

All PMUs must sign up to a CPE scheme and complete the required number of credits for that scheme each calendar year. PMUs must keep their CPE up-to-date in order to remain listed on the DAFM register as a Pest Management Trained Professional User. Three CPE providers are currently approved:

Note: There is a CPE exemption in the year of qualification. This means that PMUs that have completed Ofqual Level 2 or 3 qualifications during a particular year are exempt from CPE in that specific calendar year only. The following PMUs must satisfy CPE requirements in the following calendar year (Jan. to Dec.).

For more information bout registering with Basis PROMPT and how to earn CPD points click Here.

Basis Prompt ID Card Owl Pest Control Dublin
Basis Prompt ID Card Owl Pest Control Dublin

How trainers can register courses for CPE points

All PMUs should carefully read the documentation for their CPE Scheme. Each scheme identifies the number of points awarded for different activities. If a company is holding in-house training or a meeting etc. that qualifies for CPE, they should apply for CPE points before holding the event.

Training providers, trade associations and others holding educational events should register the event in advance to allow attendees to receive CPE points. Check the links below to find out how to submit your training programme:

Basis PROMPT logo
Basis PROMPT logo

The Trained Professional Users (PMU) Register

The DAFM keeps and updates a register of all Pest Management – Trained Professional Users (PMU) several times during the year.

Pest control technicians registered on this list can purchase and use biocidal products as “trained professional users“, in accordance with the instructions specified on the product labels. For instance, ALL professional rodenticide products specify that they must be used in a specific way, and ONLY by registered PMUs.

Simply said, using professional rodenticides without a licence (PMU) is an offence.

For more information, you can visit the DAFM website.


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