Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Common Rats - Norway Rats - Sewer Rats



Norway rats are gray, brown or black, with small eyes and ears and tails shorter than their bodies: body up to 8 inches and tail up to 4 inches.


Rats are very agile and climb easily, often entering houses in the Autumn when outside food sources become more scarce.

Norway rats live in fields, farm lands and in buildings/structures. Rats can often be found in woodpiles.

A female rat is capable of giving birth to four to six litters per year, each containing five to ten offspring. These young rats can reproduce within three months after birth. In one year a pair of rats can produce a population of up to 700.


Rats are extremely destructive, causing problems such as electrical fires from gnawing on wiring & contamination of food products. Rats are notorious for the transmission of diseases, such as the Bubonic plague, typhus fever and Salmonella.

Rat Prevention:

Keep outdoor bins well sealed and away from houses and buildings. Remove water, debris and other rat harbourage opportunities. Seal any holes larger than 1/4 inch.

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