Pluslight White Glue Board Fly Killer

  • Model Pluslight30 or Solar30
  • 2x 15 watt 18″ bulbs
  • Dimensions: H290 x W470 x D95 mm
  • Coverage: 80M²

108.33 (ex.VAT )

Pluslight White Glue Board Fly Killer

  • Brand: Pluslight 30 / Solar 30
  • Uses two UV tubes 15watt 18″ long.
  • White powder-coated paint finish
  • Dimensions: H290 x W470 x D95 mm
  • Coverage: 80M²
  • Replacement Glueboards for model Pluslight White Glue Board Fly Killer: “GluePluslight
  • Tubes: 2x 15W18″
  • Starters: FS22
  • Specifications / Instructions

One of the best professional Fly Killer on the market. Easy to service. Tool-free maintenance.

PlusLight30 / Solar30  is available as a slim white 30watt product that can be wall-mounted or left free standing. It incorporates a unique swing-open front that moves the tubes away from the large glueboard, allowing quick and simple glueboard replacement.

Application: Commercial, Backroom, Commercial Kitchen


  • Robust build quality and metal construction
  • Unique swing open front guard and tube assembly for quick and simple servicing
  • Large glue area with a horizontal section for insect debris collection
  • Freestanding or wall-mounted options
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards

Check full Specifications / Instructions HERE


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