• Stainless steel (T304) rail clamp posts 95mm X 4mm for protecting pipes and rails
  • To be used in connection with our range of rail clamps see below
  • Rail clamps sold separately
  • Posts can be fastened using a suitable diameter rail clamp in any position
  • Posts can also be screwed into place on cladding & timber.
  • Posts can be used to create single, double or triple wire runs over rails or pipes
  • Sold in Packs of 10

23.35 (ex.VAT )

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Specification for Rail Clamp Post

These stainless steel rail clamp posts are designed for use with the rail clamps. The post is fastened to the clamp in any position allowing more functionality and for the user to decide whether a single, double or triple run of wire is required.

Each post has a special foot welded to the bottom of it which is designed to fit under the rail clamp. When the rail clamp is tightened it binds the post to the surface of the rail or pipe holding it tightly in position.

The posts can also be used without the rail clamp for installation onto cladding by screwing in place through the 5mm hole in the base.


Install posts either in a single, double or triple row, depending on pipe/rail diameter and prevailing bird pressure, space posts longitudinally at max 1.5m intervals.

Each run of pigeon wire should be counter-tensioned at each end using a non-sprung wire from the top of the final post down to a rail clamp set 95mm away from the last post.

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