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How do I Get Rid of Ants?

What do ants look like and where do I find them?

From January onwards, little black ants (or garden ants) create issues indoors. Black ants are attracted to sweet foods which they carry back to their nest. Starting their activity in Ireland as early as January, it is very frequent to notice ants in kitchens, presses, living rooms, and all other indoor areas where food may be available.


Black ants gathering in a kitchen

The black ant is black in colour and has a segmented body. Workers are 5mm in length and the queen 15mm long. Garden ants can become a nuisance when they enter a facility but they do not present a threat to health. They do not transmit disease and they do not bite.

Black ant nests are usually found in lawns, flower beds, beneath stones and paving slabs etc. They are also increasingly found in cavity walls and foundations of properties. In our two example videos below you can see black ant infestations in an outer brick wall and a hot-press.

Killing ant infestation in cavity brick wall


Black Ants infestation in a Hot Press 

Black ants are social insects and several thousand may be present in a large nest.

During summer, large numbers of winged females and males are reared in the nest on a warm and humid day, normally between mid-July and mid-September they swarm out and take flight. Sometimes they all follow a trail inside premises and hundreds of them may appear in a few hours, causing distress to staff/residents.

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Advice on How to get rid of ants

How to reduce ant activity in the house?

  • Keep food in air-tight containers
  • Make sure the kitchen sink is clean (dirty dishes, food residue and water attract black ants)
  • Check regularly that no food debris is standing under your kitchen appliances
  • Cleanup liquid or food spillages immediately
  • Make sure your bins are kept clean and have a sealed lid
  • Put pet food bowls in a larger bowl to prevent spillages and remove pet food after eating
  • Seal doors, windows and any cracks black ants use to access indoors
  • Kill ant scouts as soon as they appear

Amateur DIY ant control products such as ant spray, ant powder (and other DIY ant killer), can be an inexpensive way of killing ants, but they are not effective for controlling a large infestation.

Professional help to get rid of ants

Owl Pest Control qualified Technicians use the best professional and safe ant control products on the market. They have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with ant infestations in any area around buildings including:

  • Ants in kitchen presses and counter tops
  • Flying ants gathering around windows
  • Ants around sinks and dishwashers
  • Ants coming out of skirting boards, walls and floor cracks
  • Black ants in Hot Press
  • Ants in bathroom areas

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