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The Irish Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Code of Practice
From 01/01/2018: Requirement for Pest Controllers to hold a valid licence (PMU)
PROMPT Basis CPD Scheme Guidance Notes

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Property Management Pest Control

Our expertise gained throughout the years has enabled us to become the key Pest Control Service contractor in the Property Management market, providing a service to over 30 Property Management Companies.

The topic of pest control continually raises questions and issues for Property Managers. We have produced a 35 pages illustrated reference manual to answer many of them.

Alongside being informative the aim of this book is to clarify for Property Managers various situations regarding Pest Control and the best practice steps for implementation of a pest control strategy, thus allowing them to feel confident about making the most appropriate decisions. As ever our aim is to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution all round

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