• Replacement bait chamber for WaspBane wasp trap
  • The bait chambers are single season use and should be replaced each season
  • Everything you need to re-charge your WaspBane unit at the start of each season
  • Comes with chamber pre-loaded with bait powder and an activator sachet
  • Simply add 50:50 mix of lager and water with 100g-150g of honey

19.82 (ex.VAT )

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1 x Bait chamber with self sealing safety seal, funnel tube and screw lid with eye hole lug (single season use)

1 x Bait system powders (non-toxic, non-pesticide and non-pheromone food grade materials) supplied with silica sachet

1 x Bait system activator sachet

1 x Assembly instructions

1 x Safe use instructions


The WaspBane bait chamber has all of the necessary information and instructions required for self installation by members of the public.

Follow the instructions for dismantling the WaspBane wasp trap (supplied) making sure that there are no live wasps in the WaspBane wasp trap before you start. Use Digrain Wasp & Hornets Destroyer Spray to knock out any live wasps.

Using a clean dry funnel, add the contents of the sachet and then add a further 100g to 150g of honey. Reassemble the WaspBane wasp trap and try again. Please note that the bait chambers are provided with a silica sachet to keep the powders dry during storage. The silica gel should NOT be added to the bait.

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